Shielded To The Hilt

A couple of weeks ago during the time of fiery hot trial in my life, the Lord spoke just one word that stabilized me…. It was the word “shielded” and immediately I remembered an awesome vision I had long ago given to encourage  someone who had received a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer. It counteracted the first vision that came of Michael as a skeleton standing upright in a grave, it seemed like there was no hope for him at that time and I must admit I didn’t have any faith at all for his recovery then, but a few weeks later while praying for him again, a faith-building vision came-… the one that would be instrumental in building me up now: I saw three giant shields completely covering him and that was over seven years ago. Truly, Michael was fully shielded and so are we when we put our trust in God. There is nothing that Satan does that cannot be overturned by the faith of God. Hallelujah!  

I’m sad to say however, we all know of cases in which the outcome was not what we had  hoped for or expected. I had a dear, very special friend strong in the faith who was healed of Lupus, but died from cancer. The same happened to another close believer who was one of the most spirit-filled people I have ever known. My husband of 20 years who suffered a severe bi-polar condition all his life went home to be with Jesus when he was only 60 years old. I had fully expected him to be delivered and healed, as well as many others, especially the two friends I mentioned. “Why?” can’t help but be asked and I believe the answer is found in the scripture in which God says: “My people perish because of a lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6.  A confirming scripture is “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8: 32

If a cake is made without flour or yeast, the result will not be a cake. Likewise, we would be foolish to think faith could have its desired end if we didn’t KNOW and combine what was necessary for it to work-  ingredients like love, authority, the breaking of curses, forgiveness and more. Concerning the three people I mentioned, I may never know what was missing, but I do know that God can not lie. Healing is the children’s bread! We WERE healed by His stripes.

I am one who has known both the wonderful manifestation of healing in my body and the lack of it: I had been diagnosed with a growth in my throat by two doctors and was slated to go in for a biopsy, but the day before, I canceled the appointment standing on the word that I was healed. May you know that I do not have a growth in my throat today. Hallelujah! I broke my leg and did not have a cast put on it. Later during a gradual healing process, I saw the evidence of the break when a lump formed in the place where it was broken and while I initially was concerned about that lump, I later was informed that the formation of a lump is part of the natural healing process. My leg bone got PERFECTLY healed, yet both of these healings took place while crippling and pains of rheumatoid arthritis were raging in my body. It’s been 51 years that the manifestation of the healing of healing has not come for me YET. I was afflicted 5 years before I was a Christian, so I’ve lived with this hellish demon in my body for nearly 56 years. So why was there healing for the broken leg and the growth in my throat and not for RA?

I’d like to share my thoughts on this as it has taken me many years of seeking to know what I know now and it is my hope that you will benefit from them: #1: The growth in my throat and the broken leg were not demons. Healing can not come in the cases where there are demons inhabiting the body until they are cast out. Can you hear the disciples crying out to Jesus: “WHY couldn’t we cast out the demon?” These disciples had been healing the sick and casting out demons PRIOR to that incident. Jesus’ answer to them was that “This kind (of unbelief) does not go out except by prayer and fasting.”

In the case of the disciples’ ineptitude, fasting and prayer were the missing ingredients, but there are a few other things included with fasting and prayer that I believe are necessary for our special cake-bread, even HEALING BREAD FOR THE NATIONS:: Faith MUST work BY LOVE… That’s a biggie! Do we love EVERYONE in our lives, especially our enemies?

God has commanded the blessing to come when brethren dwell in unity:  I think of the scripture that says one of God’s people can put 1000 of the enemy to flight and that two can put 10,000 to flight. Oh, that the world may know that we have love one for another for truly, then our faith will work in great power. 

Many years ago I had a dream of an 11-year-old girl whose name was “Myrracle” whose name was changed to “Miracle” in the end. In the dream it was said that she looked like both her mother and father. I believe that “Myrrhacle” is a type and shadow of us and of the plan of God in our lives that when we fully grow up into the head, we will have the balance of the male and female parental traits established in us. It takes suffering (myrrh) and judgment (#11…  judging ourselves and executing righteous judgment concerning others and situations in life before we can come into full rulership (#12) and have our personal MIRACLE and miracles for others. 

I know that you and all the members of the body of Christ have had dreams, words of prophecies and revelations of things that have not yet come to pass… Have you also asked: “Why Lord?… How long Lord?” There were two dreams that I was given many, many years ago that have given me hope and some understanding. I do not remember the details of one of them, but only the message from it that rejection of myself and rejection of others were standing in the way and had to be removed. One thing I have come to know of a certainty is that having a revelation does not mean that we are in possession of what’s been revealed. It takes the progressive work of God to bring about our desired end. Rejection of self and rejection of others will cease when we not only forgive, but when we love and bless ourselves and others. 

The other dream that I do remember vividly is the following: A pentecostal service was going on inside a tent and when I walked in, the ushers told me to sit way in the back. Everyone else could sit wherever they wanted and I didn’t like being told to sit there thinking it wasn’t  fair. The preacher called for people to come forward to receive healing and I was the first one down the aisle which turned into a long, dark mountainous road, wide enough for only one person to walk on. The demons in me started to shake my body and I found myself saying: “In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus!” and then was shocked to hear myself say: “In the name of Egypt.” I didn’t retain the last part of the dream, but knew that it had to do with “authority.”

I was shown that Egypt is the symbolic word representing the world consisting of the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. What this dream revealed was that my healing would come after I overcame in all these three areas. When we have the Pentecostal experience of being baptized in the Holy Ghost and with  fire, we are only ⅔ part of the way to having the fullness of God in our lives. We are talking about the full rulership (#12) of the Holy Ghost over us and as well as through us. The power we need to get our victories is fully ours then, so that when we exercise “authority” it is backed by the power. 

I am going to share one more experience in my spiritual journey that brought with it a major eye opener. My friend Brenda, who was the one I wrote about who had been healed of Lupus but then died of cancer, had received her healing at a healing school founded by a well known minister. She went back to live near that school after getting her diagnosis of cancer. I had long ago stopped going to places to “GET my healing”, but the Lord anointed a word for me to go to that school and I was in a state of expectancy for my healing to manifest because of it. A prophetic friend and her daughter accompanied me for the five days we were there. Before we left, I had a vision of a red carpet being rolled out for me, and oh!, was it ever! The school’s policy was that people were to attend the teaching meetings held each day, and only a select few could have individual counseling sessions instead of attending the meetings. 

Brenda shared that most of the people who came from all over the world never got even one private time of counseling. She said that she never saw anything like what happened to me during all the time she had been at that school… She was amazed that I had a one on one session every one of the five days I was there. Each of the counselors gave me the same scripture not knowing it had previously been given by the others: “Ought not this daughter of Abraham whom Satan has bound these eighteen years be loosed?!” I was prayed for and ministered to by the highest in authority there and by others as well, but went home unchanged. However, praise God, something of great value was learned!

Inside the sanctuary located in a room where there were no windows looking outside, there was a window high up on the wall between two adjoining rooms which was not a window that anyone could look through. When Deana saw it, she immediately remembered that three months prior to our coming to the school, she had been given a dream of that room and the same curtains covering that window were in it. In Deana’s dream a very wrinkled old woman in a bridal gown was preaching and while she was preaching, Diana was given a word of knowledge that the woman had the gift of healing. I was in the dream and told her that she needed to tell the word to the woman.

In the next scene, Deana walked past the bridesmaids who were standing next to a candle and when she did so, she knocked over the candlestick which set the bridesmaids on fire. In the following scene, she gave the word of knowledge she had been given to the wrinkled old bride, who replied that it was a confirmation to her. Very upset, she asked Dianna: “WHY did you set my bridesmaids on fire?”

What a dream! What a revelatory word for me who was exhausted, and physically and mentally hurting. Had it not been for the interpretation of that dream much later, I would have remained in a crushed state for only God knows how long. 

Hear what God had to say through it: We are going past the candlestick realm pertaining to GIFTS to the throne realm pertaining to RULERSHIP. The wrinkled old bride represents that gift realm almost being over… Truly the church age is passing and the kingdom age is at the door. What is most revealing and significant in the dream is that the window represents a “HIGHER REVELATION that could not be seen at that time.It let me know that it was going to take that higher revelation for me to come into the manifestation of my healing. 

It was only this year that I heard a preaching come alive on the very scripture given to me by the counselors at that healing school. The number 18 is three 6’s (the nature of man in its full carnal state… SELF-rule… the rule of the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life.) That bowed over woman had filled up her sins and was at the end of letting self rule her. Because of it, she was ready to be loosed. 

A few times in the past few months I have heard the word “Nissan” when I woke up in the morning. Many of us know it’s the make of a car, but most don’t know it’s name means “MIRACLE.” Do you comprehend now what this word is conveying to us? A car symbolically represents “ministry”…. Not only is a personal miracle coming now, but a miracle ministry….. 

Get ready! Get ready! GET READY to be loosed!!!

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