Oy Vey! My Leg!

The first word given to me this morning was the word “cauterized” with a vision accompanying it of my leg being cauterized. I thought: “My leg?! What’s wrong with my leg, Lord?” There’s the expression “You don’t have a leg to stand on!” and I can hear a male I know shouting “Amen!” in a very loud voice. But in that vision I did have a leg contrary to what that male may think, and I have listened to God’s call to: “Shake a leg!” So what is it that needs cutting or burning (yikes!) out of me Lord?!” I asked Him.“ This is not exactly the word anyone longs to hear when he or she wakes up!”

Can you picture our Great Physician smiling? It seems many of us need a wake up call to let God’s fire burn out what doesn’t need to be in us, and alas, yes ME!”

So tell me: Are you offended? At times, do you allow your thoughts to turn to some of the hurts you’ve experienced? Have you taken to heart what Jesus said about offenses?:

“If your hand or foot offends you, cut them off….If your eye offends you, pluck it out!!” Pretty drastic measures, eh? Do you think our God really means that we can come into a state of being in which NOTHING offends us??

In Spongebob, a fish named Fred Rechis is constantly screaming “My leg!” whenever some chaos is going on. I think I just got my “Aha!” moment! 

I’m not pulling your leg or anyone else’s when I say I’ve got something up my leg…. It feels like a tick, but it’s called a hidden reaction in my psyche, but in some cases, not so hidden.

I believe that the Lord is presently using His powerful solar beam Word to cut out the tendency in us to react. Oh happy day when instead of reactions, we have wise and loving responses. 

Will somebody please give me a leg up on this one?!

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