Perfect Bread Coming Right Up

When I woke up this morning immediately a vision came of a large, very oiled bread pan. Then another vision followed of a shofar being blown with a breath of wind that evicted a mouse that came flying out.  

In the allegory “Glad Tidings”, I wrote about a mouse in a shofar and now, here God has it again in this vision. It was revealed in that writing that only one with the key of David would be able to blow the shofar. Now is the day that we must BE the message before it can be released…. before deliverance can come. When we become the message, none of the beast nature (the carnal nature… the mouse) can remain. 

In  “Glad Tidings,” it was brought out that unity… (the agape love of the brethren) was what was required for one to blow the shofar and deal with the mouse. It is interesting that presently in the world, the spotlight is on the city of Philadelphia in regards to voter fraud and Dominion software. It looks like crooks are in dominion stealing votes (the power of choice) in order to gain the upperhand in government, but God who puts people in power has purposed that the domain will be taken by the Philadelphia church. However first,  she must take dominion over her own evil within.represented by the mouse which is a picture of self-indulgence. It is “Self” that has been seated on the throne of our hearts, but now the overcomer of self has come with a mighty word: The accuser of the brethren has been cast out and the word that the kingdoms of this world has become the kingdoms of our Lord is set in motion.

It may not look like it, just like it didn’t look like Adam died on the day he ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, but death was in its beginning motion on that day. I believe the oiled bread pan is indicative of the beginning stage for the body of Christ coming into unity to be made into one bread for a dying world. The oil has not only been poured out, but it’s been rubbed in the vessels that have made themselves available for grace and obedience to do their work… Just like that bread pan presently has nothing in it and  is waiting to be filled, they know they are nothing in themselves and are waiting to be filled with His unifying life and power. Only those who have laid down their self lives, will be made into that bread. I believe there are some who have done this and now are empowered by His spirit, else the mouse would not have blown away by the Spirit’s breath. 

In “Glad Tidings” I wrote that the mouse was really a giant spider in a disguised form… that it was a power called “Stealth” which is an identity stealer. I had the following vision and writing  on September 28. 1998 which was the beginning of my personal  dealing with the mouse/spider:

There was a door with a veil hanging on it, but I couldn’t go through the veil. I backed away and a spider that was me hopped three jumps. The Lord was at the door and a 12 inch ruler came from the door with its end on top of the spider. I was told that tears would be of no avail or words to that effect. After the ruler lifted, the Lord told me to come to him. I, still a spider, hopped up on his shoulder and then upon his head. There I was to absorb all of Him.. to take Him into myself whereby I would be changed into Him.

When I told a friend that I believed the spider meant the ego, she made an interesting observation. She noticed that “id” was in the middle of the word spider. The id according to Webster’s dictionary is “dominated by the pleasure principle and impulsive wishing, and its impulses are controlled through the development of the ego and the super ego. The libido’s meaning was even more revealing concerning my dream: [pleasure, wantonness< it pleases.] In psychoanalysis it is the physic energy generally and is THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND ALL HUMAN ACTION.”

This vision showed me that in order to be changed from my nature, one of pleasure loving and impulsiveness, into His, one of sacrifice and obedience, I would have to come to Him and let him rule (the 12 inch ruler.) Think of it: It was 22 years ago that I was shown this…. Truly living for and pleasing self does not die easily. 

Now I feel to say this in regards to many of the things we’ve been shown by God:  Revelation never is the same as manifestation, although God always speaks to us as though things are so, and that is true in the Soirit. We must not be quick to cry “False Prophet!” when the words given don’t seem like they are true. God told the Israelites “This land IS YOURS!” but at the time it was filled with squatters that had to be driven out. The Bible states that “we were healed by His stripes”, but most of us still have some diseases that say “We’re not going!”

Hence, it may not look like the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord, but it is so: The fire is at hand… the baking pan is ready and some of us are greased up preparing to rise as perfectly baked bread…. NOT half-baked ones! Hallelujah!


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