The Source of Power

I heard the words “a fruit bearing tree” and I pictured one bearing a multitude of different kinds of fruits: papayas, mangos, pineapples, oranges, bananas, peaches, apples and more. Then the word “cadences” came and I saw black musical notes turn into rainbow colored ones as they came upon each of the fruit. 

When I looked up the word “cadences” in the dictionary, I found that traditionally it has “to do with rhythm: the rhythm of a person’s voice, the sounds in nature,  the rhythm of music and in the world”, and it has come to mean “the rhythms of business.”

Ah my brethren, what a word!

The production of fruit is our Father’s business accomplished by the rhythm and the SOUND of the movement of the Spirit activated by “The Voice.”

This word brought cascading waterfalls to a friend’s mind and when I shared it with another dear sister of French descent, she remarked that cadences were “vibrations” in her native language. 

Oh hallelujah! The fruit of the Spirit and vibrations together are like the power of a cascading waterfall of God’s word poured forth with vibrations that have an electrifying, transforming effect. Indeed, His voice in fruit bearing ones is “as the sound of many waters.” Rev. 19: 16

When we are in tune and in rhythm with the Spirit, it is as Anna Lee Skarin wrote in her book “Secrets of Eternity”: “Every condition in life can be transformed into glory and made divinely beautiful, no matter what the condition is.”

So now I’m singing: “I got rhythm, I got music, I got my man (Jesus), who could ask for anything more?!” 

And oh yes: I got vibes!! How about you?


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