At The Rainbow’s End

“Wretched” remained in a dismal state accusing himself all the time, but the day came when he finally called out to God in his torment and the Lord graciously appeared to him. Reaching His hand deep into “Wretched”’s heart to take out blame and unforgiveness of self, He rolled them up into a ball. With a mighty thrust, the ball was thrown into outer space.

In an instant, the angel “Rafael” covered it with his own light and the ball became a sun called “Forgiveness” which lit up all the world. Its light shined on “Wretched” and when it did, rays penetrated all his nervous system and his body that was like a bent tree, became straightened out immediately. Dew drops came upon his head and “Wretched”’s bones which had been so dry, became moist and strong because the drops of unfeigned love healed them. Not only were “Wretched”’s bones healed, but every cell in his body became full of joy singing: “We are one doing the will of the Father… Mercy through forgiveness has kissed us and we are at peace now filled with love and good will.

“Rafael” took “Wretched” by the hand and off they ascended to a new place far above the stars. Upon arrival to “The Haven of Rest” where “Faith and Love” ruled, he was given the new name “Humility and Glory”- two names together that symbolized the marriage of his spirit and his soul.

“It is from this place that all revelation must come to you now. Do you know why you were not able to come here before this and do the greater works of God?” the angel asked with the beams of his eyes like search lights penetrating him.

“Humility” sadly looked down unable to give an answer. “There, there!” the angel spoke tenderly. “You are not condemned for not being able to do the greater works. Don’t you know that Jesus had to grow in grace and in wisdom through obedience? How much more you? There is no condemnation now and from this place seated continually in the heavens, the answers will quickly come as soon as you ask. You will have your Father’s eyes and your Father’s heart for “Truth” has taken up full residence in you married to “Unfeigned Love.”

The moment “Rafael” spoke these words, “Humility/Glory” asked and the answer came to him within why he had been unable to do the greater works. Oh happy day! “Unbelief” was stripped of its power and cast out with the effects of it immediately felt on earth.

The trees started clapping their hands and all of creation sang a joyful song proclaiming God’s marvelous work: “He’s come! He’s come in man” they shouted. 

With tears streaming down his face, this one who had waited so long to be transformed, fell down on his knees and worshipped the One who created him to be free… to be fully alive.

As he worshipped His wonderful savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, his tears turned into rainbow colored ones and all of Heaven stood still because the rainbow tears became fountains of life when they fell to the ground.

Son of Man: Know that tears have always been destined to turn into tears of joy. It’s through tears that Christ is formed in man, and through tears that man shall reign with God.

You who have been a fountain of tears:… Can you see the sevenfold Spirit of God at the end of your rainbow today?

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  1. Awesome word. Ah, to be free and fully alive. And may all our tears be turned into tears of joy! Praise God!


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