A Sunny Side Up Life

“I don’t like my eggs scrambled,” “Becoming Love” cried. “I like them sunny side up!”

She was only five years old and had to depend on her mother to do the cooking, but since her overworked mom had fourteen children, it was not possible for her to do what “Becoming Love” wanted. .

Being a compliant child, the little one went along peacefully when she could not have her way, but oh, how she wanted sunny side up eggs. That only what was best for all, not her every wish granted, took some time for her to understand, but she was teachable and learned how to make scrambled eggs for everyone. And what’s more, she did it joyfully.

Those who are sensitive to the Holy Spirit know deep down what is right because the Knower and the divine pattern are within them– It’s the knowing ones who let God fulfill His work in them successfully calling forth the things that are not as though they were.

And so it came to pass when “Becoming Love” grew up and became “Manifested love,” she could have all the “sunny side up everythings” that she wanted.

And wouldn’t you know?: Now she’s making “Eggs Benedict” (blessed) for everyone!

Categories: Allegories

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