Glad Tidings

Alas, the shofar nestled among eleven smaller sized ones had an unwanted resident in it who thought it was his permanent home. The smaller ram’s horns had been blown often, but the horn with the mouse in it hadn’t been sounded in twenty years because it was so big that none had the power to raise it, much less blow it.

It was ordained that one who had the key of David would blow it on the day appointed-… on the day of the redemption of the body.

Can you hear “I AM the resurrection” resonating in your ears and in your body’s cells? Ah it’s like a whisper to you now for the mouse has not only taken up residence in the giant shofar, but in you and in everyone who is part of you.

Do you know that the other members of the body are YOU??

That is the key of David…. the key is the knowledge that all are ONE but until the key is discovered, the mouse will keep its residence in you gnawing at your inner structure…. When will you realize that the judgmental thoughts you have toward your brothers are what are destroying your life? You can not have peace until you realize that this very thing is killing your soul… The slow death of judgmental thoughts against others is working in every man UNTIL the giant is taken down,” “THE VOICE” patiently informed “THE BODY”!

Another voice outside the body proclaimed: “KNOW that I have come to do battle to destroy the outer forces hindering you from hearing the voice and obeying the command of the Lord to love one another! You have only a little strength left, oh FLESHly mind of man. Your head shall be removed shortly” the “Angel of Despair” proclaimed with triumph in his voice. “I am going to be with you until you utterly despair of yourSELF and of your unrighteous judgments.”

The angel that no one thought was of the Lord stood tall observing man with keen perception. He knew that his purpose was to bring everyone to the end of themselves so that they could be raised up as “THE KEY.”

“Why are you looking down at your brother and thinking that you are better than he is and better than others?” the angel’s voice thundered “Everything you see in him is in you!!… I know your thoughts: You’re thinking that you are not like this, but that is a lie, for everything you behold in others is in seed form in you… It just takes circumstances ordained from above for you to see your folly. There is NOTHING good in the flesh… NOTHING! NOTHING! NOTHING!!”

The “Angel of Despair” was in despair himself because he knew that every man believed that he wasn’t as bad as others… especially not as bad as that one standing before him whose many faults and sins he could clearly see.

“It’s time to kick the mouse out!” the angel shouted!  The mouse in the shofar could not be dealt with until the mouse inside man was seen for what it was…. The mouse was really a giant spider in a smaller disguised form…. It is the power called “STEALTH” that snares and entangles man with the world and the devil.

A hush came over the world of men when these words were spoken with question marks arising in every head and with trembling in every heart.

“Yes, not just questions, but question MARKS!” the angel explained to everyone whose eyes were beginning to open.

“Cain” was marked,” he revealed penetrating fire into their hearts. “I know you think you are not like “Cain” and are only like “Abel”, but I tell you that you are BOTH! As long as you hate a brother, “Cain” lives as you… The mouse is in residence within and the spider has made a web… even a web of deception in your mind and in your life which “STEALTH” has stolen. And what is it that “Stealth” has taken away but your identity. Repent! I say! Repent! No man can hear the shofar announcing the redemption of the body, much less pick it up and blow it, unless there is a full repentance.”

After the space of three and a half hours, the air cleared around every man whose thoughts had been clouded. Another angel came forth in perfect timing because the “Angel of Despair” had finished his work and all rightly despaired of themselves and of the workings of the flesh.

A shout of joy was heard resounding all over the earth when the “Angel of Gladness,” full of glory’s light, appeared to every man who had repented. His light had the power in it that “Stealth”, the mouse/spider and the devil could not dwell in.

“Hear it!!” the “Angel of Gladness” shouted…. “Hear the sound of HIS coming in YOU, and collectively as ONE blow the shofar for the redemption of the body is at hand. 

In the twinkling of an eye, every member who had become the “Key” was empowered with might to manifest the “The Living Word” to all men. The kingdoms of this world would be taken down!

The breath of the Lord and the strength of the Lord were in them as they picked up the shofar and with the mighty wind of the Spirit breathed life through it blaring out the TRUMP/shofar message: “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord…..



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