The Octopus Dreams

This is another enlightening writing by Barbara Decker that I felt needed to be published. May it greatly enrich you.

I dreamed I was underwater and an octopus had his tentacles wrapped all around me. I was grabbing them with both hands and pulling them loose, but as soon as I pulled one loose and let it go to grab another one, that one would just slap right back where it was. I woke up still fighting, but getting nowhere.

A few weeks later I dreamed I was sitting in a room visiting with a woman and a very pleasant man. All of a sudden the room began to fill with water. It filled very quickly. As soon it was full, the woman turned into a very large octopus and began to wrap herself all around me. I looked to the man for help but he was looking up toward the corner of the room. My gaze followed his and I saw another octopus. It was much smaller and had very large eyes. It was very still. The man swam over and grabbed this octopus and took it to the floor. There he began to wrap it in what looked like a very strong, clear vinyl. As soon as he had wrapped the small one, the large octopus seemed to lose all its power and sank to the floor where the man and myself, working together, wrapped it in the same clear material as the other one. All of a sudden it was as if the water was gone and both of the octopi were captive, but very much alive. I remember their eyes staring through the clear material at me but they had no more power over me.

At the time I had these dreams I was very perplexed about several things in my life. They weren’t major sins, (if there are major and minor sins), but they were very annoying. Try as I might, I could not conquer them. The more I tried, the stronger they became. After two weeks after I had the last dream, I received a paper from Brother J. Preston Eby called “The Serpent #33”, Kingdom Bible Studies. As I read the following, I realized what my dreams meant.

“The ultimate warfare is in the deep inner realm where the source of all the external sin and evil manifestations is to be found. As long as we content ourselves to deal with individual demons, or to treat social ills, or to wage war against sin, or to struggle with the lust of the flesh, all of which are in the external realm of the tentacles, we shall find ourselves ever defeated in even these things. Lay the axe to the root of the tree, deal with a strong man who sits enthroned in the very nature of Adam; Pierce the head of the octopus and one automatically destroys the power of the tentacles! Speaking of the hour when the Sons of God would rise to the place of authority in Jesus Christ, John the revelator wrote, and there was a war in heaven and the dragon (the Adamic mind, nature) fought and his angels and prevailed not. (Revelation 12:7-8) Men must rise – and thank God, they shall rise… to that place of understanding and authority wherein the axe is laid to the root..  not to some individual manifestations of the root, not to some individual demon… but to the root itself; the Adamic nature, where Satan‘s seat is! In dealing with the root, the tentacles will take care of themselves. This goes far beyond merely casting out the negative, it means such a complete transformation of being that negative has no ground to stand upon, no place to dwell.” end of quote.

The Lord showed me that the small octopus was my flesh and the large one was Satan. When flesh is overcome, Satan loses his power. He has no handle to grab onto. The man, of course, was Jesus. The Lord said that piercing the head of the octopus was “walking in the Spirit.” This is the only way flesh can be overcome. This is what He is teaching me to do, to reckon myself dead to sin and to trust him to work all the things out of my life that aren’t pleasing toHim. Praise God, He is showing me how to walk in the Spirit so the lust of the flesh will not be fulfilled. Constant communion is the only way we can walk in the Spirit, trying always to know the mind of God.

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