The Stage Is Set

A brilliant, shining, transparent stage coach with dazzling rays of the sun streaming from it was ready to manifest the life to come. “Glory” and “Grace” were in it for the salvation of “Feeble”’s soul which would take her into the final stage of the redemption of her body.

However, this one for whom the stage had come was not ready. She was not far from the coach, painfully limping and then tripping over a stumbling block that had appeared before when she wasn’t on guard. “Feeble”’s warfare was not over because of an unforgettable memory which was the stumbling block that had caused her to fall many times appearing in the moments she left her post as watchman.

“All things have been made new!” The decree came in a strong, loud voice, but while she heard it, she did not fully believe it. “Feeble” believed that only some things were made new. Because she retained the memory of the wrongs of one who had severely wounded her, the “Accuser” had the right to touch her and hinder her faith. Hence she was not well in her body and saw herself as lacking, not new with the abundance of life promised to her. Only faith that worked by love could bring her into wholeness and cause her to have the new life that she longed for.

Ah, but the faithful One, the “Holy Spirit”, was her coach whose searchlight into the Word caused the light to shine and make it alive. The words “Forgetting those things that are past” had the bright spotlight on them now for “Feeble”… “ Bless your enemies! Love your enemies! Do good to them and forget, forget, FORGET, but do not forget the living Word of God. Remember HIM instead!,” the “Holy Coach” adjured.

It was not until she saw herself in the Word and remembered Him that her change finally came. She was in Him… in Christ, not apart from Him… always in Him, forgiving, loving, blessing, shining and rising.

You who are the called of God, know that the “Day of Salvation” is here! Arise! Shine! The light is come! The stage is ready! Men await your arising!… See yourself as changed!… See yourself as mighty… See yourself as one with the One you love… “Real I ze” that if you behold Him and see yourself as you really are, men will see the eyes of your Father… even twinkling eyes!

So twinkle, twinkle little stars! Point the way of truth, grace and glory to all!

Author’s note: After finishing this writing and praying in tongues, the word “Columbus” came. Oh precious brethren, this name means “dove”…. It is the dove that discovered the land in Noah’s day and it is by the “Holy Spirit” that we are discovering ourselves in a new state of being… a new heaven and a new earth. Indeed the stage is set!

Hallelujah for the grace of God… Hallelujah for the blood of the Lamb! Hallelujah for the dove! Hallelujah for freedom!

Categories: Allegories

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