Carried By Love

I saw a large field loaded with stumbling blocks everywhere so close together that it would be impossible to walk through them. There was no path… only a field.

I asked the Lord: “What are these stumbling blocks? How am I going to get through them?” He replied that the stumbling blocks were his people led by their carnal minds who were in places and situations that they were not supposed to be in.

In the next scene an angel carried me in the air high above the field to the other side where there were no stumbling blocks.

How often in our lives do we choose the wisdom of man over the wisdom of God? Only by the Word can we know the difference. To the one who prays and waits on God, our Lord will send a message (even an angel) which will lift us up and carry us above the stumbling blocks that would cause us to fall.

Have you had forewarnings that something wasn’t right, but you still continued on as though everything was fine? Are you presently in a relationship that God has told you to separate from? It may have been right to form that relationship in the beginning, but it doesn’t mean that you will always remain in it. We forget God’s Word that says that we must forsake ALL to be His disciples, referring to the most intimate of relationships. Forsake your mother? Forsake brothers and sisters? Forsake friends? Forsake a cherished girlfriend or boyfriend… a wife or a husband? Can that really be?!?

If we have dreams, visions and words given to us indicating a relationship is not to go on and we continue in it, we can be sure there will be many stumbling blocks along the way. It’s inevitable that we will find ourselves in the flesh and end up in sorrow. I know this well because I tried very hard to hold on to someone after the Lord said: “Separate.” My reasoning mind told me that God was wanting me to separate the spirit and word, not separate from the person I was so attached to. It’s amazing how when we want someone in our life or something God is calling to be removed, we can deceive ourselves.

Look at Balaam…. God told Him “No!” but you know the story. Thankfully, it wasn’t an angel with a sword and an ass who spoke to me, but the voice of my inner man stirring me to call out for help.

Praise God that there’s an angel who will carry every one of us over to a safe place when we call on the name of the Lord… when we finally “see the light” and let go. Truly, we won’t stumble over anything when we’re in the perfect will of God. 

It was after I let go that I heard the word “dunce” and saw the hand of the Lord remove a dunce cap (a fool’s cap) from off my head, putting a graduate’s cap on me instead. Ouch and Hallelujah!!

This morning I heard the word “parousia” when I woke up and it means “presence”… the actual abiding presence of the Lord. Then ““Shekinah doorstep” came when I prayed in tongues. Oh precious brethren, when we forsake all and are found abiding in Yeshua, His presence manifests… it is the step to abiding glory! Truly, nothing,… no one is worth holding on to that would rob us of this glory!!

So tell me: What’s on YOUR head today? I hope it’s not a dunce cap, but a victor’s crown,… even the crown of life!

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