Let There Be Light

The etymology of threshold is “the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur or be manifested.” Oh yes, God’s faithful ones are going to step up and be carried over the threshold!

The story must be told:

SHE stood at the threshold expecting to be honored, but instead she was humiliated. How could that be?

“Presumption” was the culprit that put her on the path to destruction, but don’t you know the Bible says God turns men to destruction and then He says: “Return ye children of men!”?

Destruction is but a doorstep to “Perfection” for unless all of “living for self” comes to an end… unless destruction accomplishes a FULL end, SHE can not be the bride, but one cast out into darkness bewailing her fate.

So the “She” of the story… the one that the HE has been waiting and longing for, His Shulamite, glorious bride… is in her final death throes. She is being disintegrated in the cocoon of her undoing.

“Presumption” is doing things according to the reasoning mind… It takes death through which life can come to destroy this most evil foe.

I pictured her in the spirit this morning with almost all her parts crucified, yet one tiny section remained in her deepest center that had not been crucified. Only “Shalita” (light) could do the job, like laser beam surgery cutting out cancer.

Who will travail and wrestle with an angel on the threshing floor? Don’t you know the temple was built on the place of a threshing floor that once was?

Who will prevail to take down the strong arm of “presumption”?

I say: “Let there be light! Let the light of God be like a solar beam removing the last bit of flesh life preventing the bride from coming into her perfection!”

Can you see her like Jacob coming forth now, but not with a literal limp but an inside bending never to depend on her reasoning carnal mind again.

Who would have believed that a fractured hip could be the very thing to shout “Hip, hip, hooray” about?

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