Do Good

She lived in fantasy day and night with it being the only outlet for her oppressed state. One day a frog came onto her path croaking loudly. She glared at him and said: “If you think I am going to turn you into a handsome prince, you’d better think again – I hate men! I’m going to turn you into a sorceress like me, but not quite as powerful. You shall know I am the one in control! “Hee hee hee,” she laughed.

And poof! The frog turned into “Wicked Imagination”- a witch/sorceress who was very beautiful on the outside but extremely wicked on the inside.

So these two maliciously went about placing spells and curses on everyone they met. The coven they belonged to had connections and they all were able to travel to places in their town without being seen, bringing damage everywhere. “Witchcraft Fantasy” had been enjoying her power over people and things for many years, but her enjoyment was waning. Because she would not do one thing that her master Satan desired of her (kill babies in a sacrificial offering to him), he had become angry and had stripped her of some of her powers- the ones she loved using the most. Her lesbian relationship with “Imagination” was not working out well either, but “Fantasy” put on a good front and pretended that all was well.

Her neighbor “Goodness” had been praying for her knowing full well who and what she was. “Goodness” had received orders from her benevolent Master to pray for this wretch who didn’t know how poor she was,- … who didn’t know that power could never fill the longing of her heart.

One day “Goodness” was led to bring a bouquet of flowers to “Fantasy” that had a sleeping butterfly hidden in the midst of them. “Here “Fantasy- this is for you. I know that you don’t like flowers all that much, but there’s a surprise in them for you. You do like surprises, don’t you?” “Goodness” asked sweetly, smiling with a twinkle in her eye.

“Fantasy” brusquely took the lilies from “Goodness” muttering to herself: “I’ve got just the right potion to fix you “Goodness”. I’ll play your little game if you like.”

Secretly, “Fantasy” was touched. No one had ever given her a gift before and while it was true that she didn’t like flowers, the breeze of love that came with them encircled her and some of the cells in her body became alive. The sleeping butterfly was awakened as the movement in “Fantasy”’s body caused an unusual stirring of sounds that were quite loud. “Hooray! Hooray!” the cells  shouted. “Life has come! Oh happy day!”

The little butterfly sprang out of the bouquet and flew right up into “Fantasy”’s face landing on her nose. “You! Yes, YOU! Do you know who you are?” she demanded in a strong, yet sweet voice.

“You better believe I do! I’m a witch and I can turn you into a pumpkin if I want! What the he~~ are you doing on my nose?” Normally she would have annihilated the butterfly on the spot using her deadly powers, but she was feeling so good, the thought didn’t even occur to her.

The butterfly whose name was “Second Chance” quickly realized that sitting on “Fantasy”’s nose was not a good idea. “I just wanted to get a good look at your eyes,” she spoke cautiously as she chose a place to sit on a bush nearby. “Do you know that eyes have the greatest power of all and because I am “Second Chance”, I have the power to see beyond natural appearances and know the true nature of things.”

“Hah! YOU have power?! Don’t make me laugh!” she sneered. “I am the one with power” “Fantasy” boasted in her pride. Realizing that she’d best be a little more meek, the butterfly responded with honor for she remembered the teaching of her great grandfather to honor all men… and “all” included witches.

Sighing a big sigh, she decided to tell “Fantasy” a story because everybody loves stories, even witches. “Yes, there is no doubt your power is great and that you are well renowned by the witches in your coven and by those who sit in high places in government, but I’m going to tell you a kind of fairytale. You do love fairies, don’t you? I know you do because when you were a little girl, you loved one who always visited you on the nights before Christmas and your Birthday and made most of your wishes come true.”

Now that got “Fantasy”’s attention because it was just as the butterfly had said. “So go ahead and tell me the story!” she gruffly commanded for indeed it was true that she loved that little fairy… the only one in all her childhood that did anything good for her.

“In order for you to get the full gist of the story, I have to bring you into the proper setting. so come with me!” compelled her. Because the breeze of the bouquet was still affecting “Fantasy” and the cells of her body, her heart was willing, so off “Second Chance” and the professing witch went to “Wonderland.” Now everyone that entered this place got filled with wonder and the moment “Fantasy” stepped into the land, “wonder” came into her.

“Sit down here beside the lake of “Vision of Things To Come“, “Fantasy.”, “Second Chance” beckoned. In just that moment, her sorcerous companion “Imagination” showed up on the other side of the lake, but because no one could enter “Wonderland” without an invitation from “Second Chance”, “Imagination” stood on the other side of the lake cursing and trying to work up her devilish power but to no avail. “Second Chance” said a little prayer under her breath and the angels immediately came and dragged “Imagination” away. What was surprising was that “Fantasy” didn’t even see her which was because “Fantasy”’s eyes were being changed without her realizing it. Everyone who came to “Wonderland” saw differently after their arrival.”

“Second Chance” fluttered her beautiful wings causing more fragrant breezes all around “Fantasy” as she sang a little song: “There is a change in the weather, don’t you see? You’re becoming different, just like me.” Then beaming with the brightness of the sun, she began her story which was really a God-tale, not a fairytale:

“One whose name was “Noble” got struck down by a terrible disease that came from the curse of a witch called “Evil Retaliation.” This took happened because although “Noble” was noble and God fearing, she had not learned to render good for evil. Everyone who hasn’t learned this, is open to curses of witchcraft coming on them. They had not learned if you forgive, do good, bless and pray for others, no problem or sickness can remain. They may come, but they have to go.

While “Noble” forgave and prayed for the one who deeply injured her, she had never blessed that one or purposed to do something good for her. “Noble” died, “Fantasy”, and yes, witchcraft curses brought it about with the powers of darkness seemingly winning a great victory, but not so! Look at me “Fantasy”! I don’t look like much, but I “Second Chance” have the power of transformation and even resurrection. Many many butterflies are coming soon and with them those like “Noble” raised from the dead who will transform and resurrect dead people and dead things on earth.

I, “Second Chance” have been sent to you to give you an opportunity to change. You don’t know this, but because I have eyes to see in the future, I know and tell you now that the Devil shall kill you if you do not obey his order to kill babies. Deep down you know that you can’t keep saying “no” to him, for he is not one to accept “no” for long.”

“Fantasy” was intently listening but demons inside her began to make a great ruckus and were getting her distracted. Realizing this, “Second Chance” gave a command and bound them to silence. Because “Witchcraft Fantasy” had seen so many demonstrations of power by the Devil and demons, it was needful that a demonstration of a greater power be manifested to her. The opportunity was right there because a few feet away from them a little rabbit had just died. “Second Chance” flapped breezes from her wings over it, and boldly uttered the command: “Rise in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!” Of course, the rabbit rose from the dead.

There was no denying it: God’s power was greater than the Devil’s power and in that moment “Fantasy” knew it. “What must I do?” she cried, shaking all over. 

Ah, you who are reading this know the end of the story. You along with “Goodness” and “Fantasy” become “No Longer But Christ” shall go forth and many more stories of transformation shall be told. You shall preach to all the people of the world that God is a God of second chances and that if they do good, nothing shall harm them….

NOTHING! What power!!

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