The Right Kick

There once was a horse called “High-Minded” who didn’t know that he was a mule. He looked like a horse, trotted like one, but inside he was a mule,… stubborn, obstinate and self-willed.

His master had tried to discipline him giving him the best of training, the tastiest and most nutritious food, wonderful places to go and greener pastures than others, but he was never content. He was especially dissatisfied with the mare that had been chosen for him. It was true that “Charity Lost” was cantankerous and upset most of the time, but she hadn’t always been. Her high spirit was brought down by the religious spirit of hypocrisy in “High-Minded which had taken up prominent residence in him. How that spirit tormented “Charity” and used “High-Minded” to attack and defame her until she lost love for him and became her name “Charity Lost.”

They had no peace and so eventually all the wonderful bliss they once had together was gone. Anger had filled “High-minded”’s heart and he would not listen to friends who saw what happened and knew the truth.

Other loves would come and go but none could fill that empty space in his heart. Earthly pleasures and even pleasures in the spirit realm could not do it because only the truth could set him free and bring contentment. No creature who stops his ears from hearing the truth can ever be free and “High-minded” was bound because he refused to see that his pride, haughtiness, stubbornness, self-will and obstinacy were ruining him and hurting everyone.

“Oh foolish “Horse-Mule”, the angel named “Call of Repentance” admonished: “Know that a higher Master is calling you now and has a way for you to return- a humble way, a repentant way, but a joyful one in the end. Will you return and become “Meek and Lowly” to carry the Lord’s presence, not the religious spirit of hypocrisy?

The world is waiting for you with no more mule! Come on: Kick ass!!”

Categories: Allegories

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