Onward To A Happy Day

The chosen one became “Mercy” on the day “Grace” poured the oil of gladness over her head, but prior to that time, “Sorrowful Heart” had been her name. She was born a Siamese twin with her sister “Rejection” attached to her hip with no way of their getting detached. She truly loved her sister even though she was rejected and scolded by her all the time. “Sorrowful Heart” saw herself as rejected from the womb and to think of herself apart from rejection was not possible.

“Rejection” was such a tormented soul with doubts about herself assailing her all the time with those doubts affecting “Sorrowful Heart” as well. What both of them did not know was that there had been a curse because of an ancestor in their family line that came down on them. It was the sin of hating and rejecting her mother which had a terrible consequence because when people reject their mothers, a boomerang effect occurs and rejection passes down through the blood line. Motherhood is the source of all beginnings and the beginning of “Sorrowful Heart” and “Rejection” was pitiful because of this curse.

Rejection” and “Sorrowful Heart” would have to stay together until the time appointed when “Truth” would come into their lives to reveal the way of reconciliation and bring separation from the old way. And so it came to pass that the truth came to them in the form of an ant whose name was “Happy Industry.” Her occupation was in bringing joy and love to everyone and in working out the salvation of her soul. She was busy all the time blessing people, checking her heart, seeking God to cleanse it and making it ready for His coming. She knew the great secret that everything apart from this was vanity and vexation of spirit… that the true work of God was to love people, to know the Lord, to know herself and to become transformed into His image. Foolish men who thought they were wise knew nothing about this and spent their time doing the work that came from their carnal mind’s thoughts believing they could please God and could fulfill themselves by it.

This perceptive ant took one look at “Sorrowful Heart” and “Rejection” and boldly stated: “You two need to be separated from each other and there is only ONE way: Go to “The Book” and there you’ll find the sword of the Lord. Only it can separate you and the light that will come from it will reveal what you need to know about your mother. She is the one who is holding the key to your destiny! I must attend to my business now, so get moving …. Sing a happy song as you go, decreeing that a happy, bright day is coming.” And so off she went singing HER song: “Zippy Dee-Doo-Dah, Zippy Dee Day! My oh my, what a wonderful day!”

“Sorrowful Heart” and “Rejection” looked at each other sideways, befuddled yet knowing deep within that they needed to do what “Happy Industry” instructed. “You know you can’t sing in tune” “Rejection” barked at her sister, “so I will do the singing!” “Rejection had rejected everything about her sister, so here she was at it again.”

This time “Sorrowful Heart” would not allow her to take control. Suddenly it dawned on her that allowing others to take control over her was one of the reasons she had a sorrowful heart, and she wasn’t going to let it happen anymore. “No!” she shouted! “You and I are going to sing in harmony… You remember what our grandfather “Righteousness” and grandmother “Beauty for Ashes” told us, don’t you? We can only have “The Blessing” through having love and being in one accord.”

“Rejection” had forgotten those words spoken long ago. It was on the road of “Oh Wretched Man That I Am” that all the recollection of the good things in life left and the teachings of her grandparents were as though they never were. But now that the realization had come that change was needed and the cry to the only One who could help them was made, both of their memories returned and the butterfly called “Adjusting Virtue” arrived on the scene. “Sing and follow me!” she whispered sweetly to them. 

In the “Land of Happiness” where they were going, everyone whispered in gentle tones to each other when instructions were given. Only those with hearts prepared to listen could hear the sound of instruction and “Rejection” and “Sorrowful Heart” had finally gotten their hearts ready. 

Lo and behold!: “Sorrowful Heart” was singing in tune as an old familiar song came to both of their minds at once: “I’m on my way to the promised land” they sang together in beautiful harmony.” “Yes, yes, yes!” they shouted. “We’re on our way!”

Instantly they were all transported to “Inside the Book.” Only those who got their whole selves into the book could receive what was in it and there it was-… the Golden Sword that could separate the spirit from the soul, that could separate them and that could break the curse.

“But first”, “The Voice Within” them spoke: “You must know who your real mother is. Because a true mother was rejected in your family line, the curse caused a switch to occur at the time the two of you were born “Hagar”, the one who raised you, is not your true mother as you suppose. You got your false identity from her. Listen, listen, LISTEN! Your true mother is “The New Jerusalem!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the golden sword flew out of the book into the hand of the angel, “Destiny” who was there to cut them free. “Mercy” was beside herself and as she wrapped her arms around her sister shouting “Grace! Grace! Grace!”, their friend “Grace” suddenly appeared with the oil of gladness in a vial in her hand. As she poured the oil over “Rejection” the fragrance of the knowledge of the Lord could be smelled for miles around.

It was then that the face of the Lord appeared in the cloud smiling with beams of acceptance and love flowing out of His eyes. The beams carried in them the new clothing of beauty, majesty, glory and excellence that they were to put on and as soon as they did, the trumpet blew. It was the “Last Day’s” trumpet announcing to all that “Mercy” and now “Rejection” who had become “Accepted of the Beloved” were the first to enter the kingdom.

Oh happy day!!

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