Miracle’s Wonder

Her name was “Myrrh-acle.” She stood tall among the people of the land of “Trouble” because in the midst of adversarial conditions, she could keep calm, something no one else in the land was able to do. She was considered the most beautiful of all the women in the country and everyone looked up to her because in every situation “Wisdom” led her.

Being that she was blind, her service dog named “Sparky”, an angel in disguise, was sent not only to protect and lead her, but to make sure no unsuitable men found their way into her life. “Sparky” would make very terrifying growling noises whenever an improper one came into her presence and “Myrrh-acle” had learned to trust “Sparky”’s instincts.

Considering all the honor and attention she had, “Myrrh-acle” somehow did not realize that she was beautiful and it was going to take a lot for her to change her mindset. As long as she didn’t see herself as beautiful, the right suitor could not come into her life. Many marriages in the land of “Trouble” were not marriages ordained of God but of the evil one who wanted to bring misery to all people. There was no greater misery than being married to someone who wasn’t the true one meant for them except for people having infirmities and debts. Alas, the land of “Trouble” was full of bad marriages, sicknesses and no means for people to provide adequately for themselves.

“Myrrh-acle” had a big test ahead of her: In order to come out of the mindset she had from the time she was a little girl, she would need to wash in the pool of “Siloam” for the change to take place. This pool was not in town, but in the desert far away and while she had “Sparky” with her, she was going to need more than one angel/dog to help her. There was no one in the city who wanted to venture out of it with her and the prospect of going alone frightened “Myrrh-acle.” So as was her custom, she prayed to the Most High God, her God.

“How can I possibly go to this place without anyone to help me?” she cried. 

“You always have help”, the answer came. “Were I to open your eyes you would see the whole host of heaven surrounding you, but I am not going to do this because you are called to walk by faith. It is faith that pleases me and I am giving you the grace now to do my will. “Sparky” will be with you every step of the way of your journey into wholeness. I chose “Sparky” to be your seeing-eye dog because a spark is needed in every situation to bring a good end. Go now with my blessing little one, and be strong!”

A great peace covered “Myrrh-acle” and she knew she would be able to accomplish what God had spoken to her. So off she went into the wilderness with “Sparky” confident she would find her way to the pool. Robbers were on the road but they could not touch her because “Sparky”’s growl sounded like a roar to them and the “Warrior Angels” from Heaven” had been instructed to come when they heard that sound. The thieves all flew away screaming in terror when these mighty ones appeared carrying swords bigger than they were. “Myrrh-acle” knew only by the sound of their screams that God had intervened on her behalf and oh how grateful she was that she knew her God and His protection.

Along the way, “Myrrh-acle” thought much about the significance of the pool of “Siloam”’s meaning “sent” and that it was known as “Messiah’s Pool” after the Lord Jesus healed a blind man there.

“Myrrh-acle” had never imagined that she could see again, but the thought of this miracle being at the very same pool stirred up feelings she hadn’t experienced before. “Is it possible that I could be healed, too?” she wondered with hope popping her head through the door of expectation in her heart.

The voice within spoke suddenly in the moment she contemplated this: “A virgin spring awaits you, daughter of the King”, he announced. “Just as the fresh water from this pool was used in the “Feast of Tabernacles” to foreshadow the people coming into the fullness of the Spirit, your drinking its water will bring you into a place in the Spirit called “Abundant Life.” Your spiritual eyes shall be opened then and your natural ones too, for it is your time for ashes to be made into beauty.

“Myrrh-acle”, you will not only have myrrh, the sweet fragrance you carry with you, but you will also have frankincense and gold miraculously given to you as you drink and your name shall be called “Miracle.” You will have an acceptable offering then to bring to your “Beloved” who will meet you at the gate of the city.

At your arrival, he will take your hand and as you walk together through the entrance, the city will immediately have a name change, no longer called the land of “Trouble”, but it shall be called “Beulah Land” for the land shall be married.

“Myrrh-acle” believed “The Voice” and because she believed, it all happened in the twinkling of an eye.

 Can you see YOUR land married now? Will you drink from the “Pool of Siloam” and have your blind eyes opened, too? 

If you have faith, you will!

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