The Time Is Short

“Lackadaisical” was taking life easy: Her motto was “God will help me.” She didn’t see the storm brewing in the distance and although she was told about it, she continued to work as though it wasn’t coming.

“I don’t want to alarm you”, a little voice in her head told her, “but you have to get ready. It’s not the stockpiling of goods that will prepare you. Goods will not be your savior, but what will save you is the decree of the words of life. Get busy or else there will be no words that the angels can work with and you’ll be blown away in the storm.

Decree: “I will live and not die, but proclaim the goodness of the Lord to all.” Remember that God keeps safe all those who do his will. The 91st Psalm is a mainstay, so decree it faithfully. Do not look upon the doing of this as a tedious duty, but look upon it with a heart of thanksgiving that you can speak such powerful words. Seek each day for ways in which to help others.“

Categories: Allegories

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