The Beautiful One Has Come

All the people in the town of “Hope” were shouting and running door to door making sure that everyone knew “The Beautiful One” had come. They had waited long for her and could hardly believe that she had finally arrived. The scepter and throne had been vacated long ago and while the land had a righteous ruler called “Waiting One”, he had no bride and therefore he could not sit on the throne as King.

It had been decreed in the “Heaven of Heavens” that only when the male and female were one could the throne be occupied. The scepter to rule the whole world, not just the city,  would come alive when the “She of God” came. 

Her entrance was grand, oh so grand. The people took palm branches,… the righteous palm branches of their own being, laying them down before her as each one beheld her. Her beauty was beyond imagination and because of her coming, the town of “Hope” experienced a miraculous change in its name on that day.

But before the name change and the “Queen To Be”’s arrival came, the story needs to be told:

The “Beautiful One” had not always been beautiful. On the contrary, she has been quite ugly, but that was before her cocoon days and her beholding the cylinders…  It was when she cried out to the most “High God” weeping bitter tears before Him lamenting: “I can no longer stay wretched! My ugliness has brought me to an end. Change me or else I die!”

Indeed the time of her death had come. The “Most High God” smiled on this precious one and his smile brought with it rays of glory penetrating into her very cells. Each cell took on new properties by which the cells became dissolved and came forth again in newness of life.

“Fear not my daughter! You shall reign! Behold the cylinders and the clouds as you are in your cocoon of change. Know that with every look at them beauty will replace ugliness and the remembrance of who you once were shall be forgotten. Behold: new memories are in the making.”

And so it came to pass as she remained “still” in her cocoon made from the disintegrating of her old self, she began to shine like the sun coming forth as “The Dawn of New Life.”

In the time appointed, the crystal pineal gland brought the fullness of change. The angel called “Change for the Better” assisted the now beautiful one out of her cocoon and led her into the city of “Hope.” As soon as she entered “hip, hip, hoorays” were shouted everywhere because “The Most High” put it in the hearts of the people to proclaim the new name of the city in such a manner. 

All the people of the town had gone through their process of change as well. Every one of them was like Jacob of old who wrestled with an angel throughout the dark night of the soul until they were named “Blessed.” The angel then touched each of their hips causing them to be equipped to  travel on the “High Way” to the “Third Heaven” with every one of them walking in the steps ordered by the Lord. Of course the name of their city would have to be called “Hip, Hip Hooray!” How could it be otherwise?

The name was solidified by the entrance of “The Beautiful One.” As the living palm branches were lain prostrate before her, the angels blared the beautiful notes of the songs that the “Daystars” sang long ago. The notes had perfume called “The House of Love” in them and as everyone heard the songs and smelled the heavenly fragrance, “Division”, the tyrant that held everyone captive in their souls, was no more. Oh happy day! The two witnesses had become one.

The king now glorious in his new name “Joy Unspeakable” was almost blinded by her beauty, but instead of being blinded, a twinkle in each of his eyes manifested in such wonder, that what took place was miraculous!

Do you know that what you see is what you become? Do you know that YOU are “The Beautiful One”?

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