Wolves Tearing My Flesh

I had a vision of my flesh being torn by wolves. Do any of you feel like you’re being torn apart today? Take heart! No weapon formed against us shall prosper, although for a moment, it may not appear that we have the victory. His Word is true-… The name of Jesus is higher than the name of wolves! Hallelujah!

I was reminded by the Spirit of God that after the woman was crowned with 12 stars on her head (symbolizing Christ’s rule) and with the moon (the law) under her feet, she was portrayed as fleeing into the wilderness. This was not the same wilderness that the children of Israel had to go through to reach the promised land, but a wilderness ordained by God in order for the flesh to be fully dealt with.

For those of you who are not seeing the manifestation of healing in your bodies yet, know that the faith of God in us shall be mightily operative as we go through this second wilderness. Those that endure unto the end who overcome all that the devil has thrown at them SHALL be saved, spirit, soul and body! Truly, truly, it is God Himself in us who shall save us from this body of death!

I believe that the ones who will put on immortality without having gone to a literal grave, will be the ones who defeat the devil and death (the carnal mind) in THIS lifetime. But the Word of God states that only a few will do it.

I want to be one of them and I know you do, too. Let us run this race to the finish line!

Categories: visions

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