A Student of Mercy

“Becoming Mercy” stared at her navel pondering the words of “The Teacher”: “Consider your navel and know the mysteries of life.”

“How can that possibly be?” she thought, questioning if she would be able to discover the truth she needed. Not knowing where to start, she went to the ant named “Industrious,” remembering her mentor’s prior instruction to go to the ant, to consider its ways and become wise.

“Mr. Industrious,” you are supposed to be wise, so can you tell me what you know about the navel?”

“You are interrupting my work here! Can’t you see how busy I am? I am about MY business… All I can tell you is that if you are about YOUR business, you shall succeed in your quest.”

“Well that wasn’t much help,” “Becoming Mercy” thought to herself, but because she was a kind person, she thanked and blessed “Industrious” and then went on her way. “Perhaps being about one’s own business is the key to knowing mysteries”, “Becoming Mercy” mused. I remember “The Teacher” telling me that there is a lesson… a key of understanding to be gained from everything and everyone, so I will look for truth with an open heart and mind.“

Next she went to the rabbit “Prolific” and asked her what she knew. “Prolific” was pleased that someone thought she might have answers, but not knowing anything about the navel, her simple reply was: “God said to be fruitful and multiply, and that’s what I’m doing. Perhaps in doing what you’re supposed to do you will find your answer.”

“Becoming Mercy” patted “Prolific” on the head with a soft and gentle touch. “Yes, I think you may be right. Thank you so much for your wisdom,” she spoke tenderly. “ Prolific” went hopping merrily along thinking what a nice person “Becoming Mercy” was, feeling warm and fuzzy inside because of the gentle pat.

“Becoming Mercy” still had no idea of how she was going to find her answer because now there was another question in her mind. “Just what is it I’m supposed to be doing? I know I’m supposed to heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead and speak in tongues. I’ve been doing some of these things, but something is missing that I don’t know. “The Teacher” wouldn’t have told me to consider my navel if only “works” could reveal the mysteries of life. How then can thinking about my navel bring my answer?”

As she was pondering this, a horse named “Nosey” suddenly came into view. It was unusual for him to be without a rider and not in his pasture so “Becoming Mercy” felt concerned. When she got close enough to him, she asked: “Where are you going? Why aren’t you in your pasture?”

Perturbed that “Becoming Mercy”wasn’t minding her own business, he shouted: “That is none of your business, young lady!”

“Becoming Mercy” felt ashamed that she was so impertinent, but she was truly troubled about the situation. “I know your owner would be very upset if he lost such a wonderful horse like you. I am sorry I upset you, but would you be kind enough to answer something for me? I sure would appreciate it if you could. I’ve been told that I could learn much about life from studying the navel, so tell me: Do you know anything about it?”

“Nosey” laughed and snorted at the same time. “Dear lady, all I can tell you is that if you know the beginning, you shall know the end.” “Nosey” was fond of speaking riddles. It made him feel powerful and intelligent, and he loved seeing the perplexed look on people’s faces when they had no idea of what he was talking about.

“Becoming Mercy” sweetly smiled at him and thanked him for his response. She didn’t let on that she thought it was a pretty dumb answer thinking to herself: “I say and think a lot of dumb things too, but maybe there is something to know about the beginning. “The Teacher” did counsel me that I could learn from everyone,” and so her mind took her to the beginning of her physical existence with her mother. Immediately she remembered that “Eve” was called “The Mother of all living” and that no human since “Adam” and “Eve” could live without first being nourished through an umbilical cord. Truly it was a mystery how the seed could be attached to a cord and that nourishment to live during the process of the formation of a human being came through that umbilical cord. “But oh my!” Becoming Mercy” wondered out loud. “An umbilical cord can no longer bring life now, so how can it have an answer for me?”

“The Spirit” who was always with her manifested Himself in a voice that could be heard. “Before you can go on into the new thing that God has for you, you must understand the old and tie it up to end its influence, just like the example of the umbilical cord. Understand from it that you, “Becoming Mercy,” shall no longer depend on someone else who is an outside source. You will only depend on the direct source of life within you. You have known that rivers of living water flow out of you, but you have not looked at the source of them with an intelligent understanding. You have not recognized that your belly is the center of life,… not your mind or your heart. Do you realize that the sound of “H” is made from out of the belly? All victories come from this sound and you, “Dear One” shall have the victory of ruling over “Self,” the “Anti-christ” that has hitherto usurped the authority and dominion that is rightfully yours. Know that you have access now to all the mysteries that are destined to be revealed to you.

Behold! “Shiloh” has come! The first dominion is yours for you have learned and practiced the way of truth… It is because you have been merciful to others, mercy has been extended to you and you have become “Mercy Manifested.”

Now, take the scepter and execute righteous judgment. The world is waiting for you!!

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