Bird Brainisms

It’s impossible to fly like an eagle when you’re digging up dirt like chickens. 

A wise owl does more than hoot.

If you sing like a canary, you might get shot.

Don’t be like the hawk; be prayed up, not out for the prey.

If you’re proud like the peacock, someone will be sure to ruffle your feathers.

Dodos that make their nests in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil are in for a fall.

Be like the stork and bring forth new life 

You may be eating crow if you call somebody a “turkey.”

If you’re chicken, you may find yourself in hot soup.

Today’s fast-moving birds are cute chicks on the backs of motorcycles.

Don’t parrot others. Try winging it on your own.

Be like the eagle who plucks out his pinions; get rid of your wrong opinions and you’ll be flying straight.

Don’t be an old buzzard playing fowl.

The early bird gets worms, the late bird gets bugged.

If you taunt someone screeching like a blue jay, more than a cat may pounce on you.

Stay away from those who are like vultures or you’ll become their meat.

You can survive through life as gracefully as a swan if you paddle with a light and easy stroke.

A lot of queer ducks are also quacks.

Be like the swallow and swallow your pride. Be small in your own eyes.

Stand up tall like a flamingo and be in the pink.

Be like resurrection’s Phoenix bird- Rise up again and be full of spice!

And what is most cardinal? Under no circumstances be a dodo bird!

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