Reign of Tears

I saw a giant tear and the Lord told me that He was going to swallow it and then afterwards sprinkle the whole earth with it. After He put the tear into His mouth, I watched it go down into His belly and there the tear became multitudes of droplets in the form of Himself to manifest as the rain (reign) of love covering all the world.

Many thoughts came into my mind regarding this vision: I didn’t actually see the droplets go from our Lord’s belly on to the earth but I remembered that yesterday the Lord told me: “It’s elementary, my dear.” I found it interesting that being in one’s element means being in “the situation in which you are most effective.” God is always in His element in those who love Him and are the called according to His purpose…. Truly God is in our tears!

I thought of a time when I went through deep tribulation with fear, great emotional in my heart and physical pain in my body not knowing how it could be possible that I would be delivered out of it. But faith came after I was given a dream in which I was in the midst of a burning house with no way of escape. A faithful father of the body of Christ whose name means “from the priest’s home” was standing in those flames of fire with me. In one moment I was in the fire, and in the next I was outside the house all intack… The sun was shining, the grass was green and the sky was blue. Oh yes, prayers, tears, consecration and faith are elementary!

I was reminded that flowing out of our belly are rivers of living water are to flow and now I am seeing that out of God’s belly are droplets of our sufferings transformed to bring forth life.

What is it that you are going through in this hour of tribulation? Whatever it is, know that you have a high priest, even the fourth man in that fire with you and that you shall surely come through with flying colors… Yay, in the end, the sevenfold spirit of God shall prevail: The Spirit of the Lord (white), the spirit of understanding (red), the spirit of wisdom (yellow), the spirit of counsel (orange), the spirit of might (blue), and the spirit of the fear of the Lord (purple) will be a rainbow not only covering your head: You are going to be in heaven and at the same time on earth, just as our Lord Jesus was when His feet were on the earth saying of Himself that He was “even the Son of man which IS in heaven.” John 3: 13.

Can you see yourself colorfully arrayed in God’s glory now knowing that all your tears are what is making this world beautiful?!

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