What Is This Thing?

As I was reading one of Preston J. Eby’s writings about the manifestation of the sons of God, I had a vision of a stone tumbling down a mountain that became larger as it did. Caked earth clung to it.When the stone stopped moving and was completely still, people gathered around it asking: “What is this thing?”

Within the stone were seeds of people that had germinated. The stone was a type of Noah’s ark except that instead of going on water, it went on land.An entrance door or rather an exit door opened and one by one, a new generation came forth, each carrying crosses. They spoke to the people around them asking: “Will you follow?” and the cross became a fiery arrow that was shot out to each one that was willing.

After all who were willing received their crosses, they ascended into the sky. All that could be seen was a cross ablaze with fire for everyone emerged as one and were that cross.

Categories: Allegories

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