Blessed Be Melana

I would like to share words from God and visions that came today and also some thoughts that I hope will inspire and bless you:

I heard the word “kissing lips” while singing: “I’m on my way to the promised land”….  Yes, it’s love activated (“kissing lips”) that blesses others and brings us into peace, joy and righteousness.

Later, I heard the Lord shouting “Order! Order! Order!” and I saw the words written in the sky come together as a “moving order” sweeping into me and into every one of my cells.

I saw myself carrying a cross of fire and when I kissed it, I became on fire.

The name “Melana” has been coming and coming and coming when I pray in tongues. Melana means; “Woman of Magdala” and Magdala means “a tower of God.”

“And you, O TOWER of the flock, the stronghold of the daughter of Zion, unto you shall it come, even the first dominion, the kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalem. Micah 4:8

“Destiny” came in tongues: Now SEE Magdala’s purpose which is yours and mine… SEE why our pain is worth the cost: Hear it: The FIRST DOMINION is OURS!

A “tower” literally describes “a place or agent for greatness.” The etymology in Abarim Publications states that “a tower is not only a big strong thing consisting of bricks, it also formed the center of the community around which all houses and all activity unfolded. From their tower, people kept lookout over their territories, and launched offenses when the community was attacked. A tower could carry a fire and from it, people trumpeted signals. Towers drew its people from wherever they might roam. Overtime they developed into central storage houses, banks and seats of government. Towers or buildings around which the greatness of a people forms and in which it becomes manifested.”

This tower… this woman of Magdala is who YOU are- … one who wears a crown of tears on your head with each tear enclosed inside a diamond…. Can you see the multitudes of diamonds upon the head that is His?

Blessed be Melana, tower of the flock!

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