Love in the End

“Fear” and “Torment” were great buddies who were always together. One of their favorite occupations was to harass “Loveless” who was never able to resist them. They were bullies and although she was aware of the fact, there was nothing in her heart that could stand up to them. “Fear” and “Torment” were constant companions to “Loveless”’s children, “Hatred”, “Jealousy” and “Envy” as well. They had the ability to multiply themselves at will, so they could be with whomever they chose and it looked like they were populating the whole world. The only ones they could not get near were “Perfect Love” and her children. Oh how that clan aggravated them. “Fear” and “Torment” were forever trying to dream up plans on how to overcome “Perfect Love”, but not one of them was successful. They did not stop trying however, but in the meantime, “Loveless” was the perfect target for their mean blows.

“Loveless” was quite the battered woman crying in pain all the time, but she would not turn to anyone for help. “Grace”, her next door neighbor, would gently suggest that she go to “Word” and “Spirit” for their assistance. Loveless would curse “Grace” and tell her that she would rather go to “Hell” than to talk with “Word” and “Spirit”…..They were such goodie-goodies!

Oh what a hell “Loveless” had already made for herself. Her only friends were “Bitterness” and “Resentment” and they weren’t good friends at all. They continually attacked and shamed her. “Torment” and “Fear” planned to overtake “Loveless” with the help of “Bitterness” and “Resentment.” They all plotted together to bring her to “Suicide”, another one of their buddies.

“You don’t have much to live for,” “Suicide” told her. “Everyone hates you and you don’t have one good friend. You’d be much better off dead.” She believed him and many times was at the point of taking her life, but “Fear” and “Torment” had compulsions they could not overcome. At the moment of “Loveless” going to take “Suicide”’s suggested action, “Fear” and “Torment” couldn’t help telling her about “Hell” and the cruel “God” she would come face to face with who would surely bring vengeance upon her. They would tell her that this same “God” hated her and was going to delight in torturing her. “Loveless” was never free of those thoughts and unknown to her, that was one of the major reasons she was loveless.

“Loveless” had not always been so. There was a period in her childhood when her grandmother “Good News” raised her that she was happy. It was the wonderful words of “Good News” penetrating her heart that brought her so much cheer. But after her grandmother’s death, “Loveless” was adopted by “Shame” and “Doubting.” It was through them that she lost her innocence and became “Unbelieving” and then “Loveless.”

What “Loveless” didn’t know was that her grandmother “Good News” spoke a God-inspired prayer over her when she was born. It was that she would grow up to be the most beautiful woman on earth and that her name would be called “Unconditional Love.” “Good News”’s prayers were always answered but sometimes they took time, as was in the case of “Loveless.”

It was going to take the help of “Repentance” and “Forgiveness”, who were much stronger than “Fear” and “Torment.” At the appointed time when “Loveless”’s heart was at the point of breaking, “Repentance” and “Forgiveness” arrived on the scene. They told her with overpowering strength and conviction that it was possible for her to have a new heart. It could only happen though, if she would make them her best friends and if she would take “Grace”’s advice to seek “Word” and “Spirit”’s help. Oh what a struggle went on in “Loveless”’s mind and heart. Of course, “Fear” and “Torment” had to have their last say: “There’s no way you can change your heart,” they taunted her. “Don’t you believe them. Your son “Hatred” will turn on you and you will never see him again. “Envy” and “Jealousy” won’t live with you either. Just how would you like to be childless? What are you going to do in your old age if you don’t have children?”

“Grace” fortunately was there all during the battering and called for “Michael”, the archangel, and the “Host of Heaven” to come forth. What an army they were! At the sight of them, the earth shook under “Fear” and “Torment”’s feet. They were done for and they shivered and backed away, but not without muttering curses to themselves. How the “Host of Heaven” cheered!

“Loveless” stood there trembling. She felt so naked in their sight and for the first time since her grandmother’s death, she wanted to be something different. “Michael” tenderly laid his hand on her shoulder. His bright rays and gentle touch transformed her, giving her hope. “Go now with “Repentance” and “Forgiveness”,” he instructed her, “and visit “Word” and “Spirit”, who have been appointed to save you.” “Loveless”, no longer loveless, felt ashamed of all the bad words she had spoken against “Word” and “Spirit.” “How can I go to them now?” she thought. “Forgiveness”, who was a reader of minds, took her in her arms, telling her: “You are truly forgiven- Just let “Repentance” have his way, and all shall be well.”

Oh the change that came with those words. It was as though a heavy weight had been lifted off her shoulders and joy was radiantly breaking through. “You shall be called “Growing Love” now and after you learn at “Word” and “Spirit”’s feet, you shall become “Unconditional Love.” Growing Love actually danced and leaped her way to Word and Spirit’s home. “What a wonderful, WONDERFUL life this is”, she said to herself.

“Word” and “Spirit” were expecting her and they planned a great feast in her honor. What a day it was when they embraced! “Word” and “Spirit” knew that error had been buried in “Growing Love”’s heart, so the first food they placed on her plate was “Truth”, a delicious selection of fruit grown just for her. The truth she needed to know was that God was and is “Love”- That His will for her and for everyone was salvation and deliverance from sinful ways. His plan was that all would be saved in due time and in their own order.

“Yes, “Growing Love”, there is a “Hell” for those who don’t become friends with “Forgiveness” and “Repentance,” they told her. “That is true, but it is not as you suppose and have been taught. “Hell” is not forever. “Word”’s writings have been mistranslated and as is often the case without study and thorough investigation, wrong conclusions follow. It is true that “Hell” exists and is dreadful, and is even experienced here on earth. Do you remember that King David said that if he made his bed in “Hell”, God would be there with him? So you can see by his statement, that “God” is everywhere, mindful of everyone. For those who don’t come into union with “Repentance” and “Forgiveness”, yes, they will be cast into “Hell,” but dear “Growing Love”, death is the punishment for sin, not endless torment in “Hell.”. “Hell” has been prepared not for eternal torment, but for the purification of man. It’s God’s tough love in action. Love, not endless damnation, is man’s destination. There will come a day that “Hell” will be cast into the “Lake of Fire” which is the “Second Death.” Death, the LAST enemy which includes “Hell” in it, shall be NO MORE! Oh, I would that all men knew this,” ”Truth” declared to “Growing Love.” “You and so many others have thought God to be cruel and how this belief has grieved our living God.

It is your holy duty now “Growing Love” to share this good news with everyone. You will have suffering along the way, especially with your children, but be of good cheer and call forth things that are not as though they were. You shall see your children change, just as your change has come. You will have many trials and tests along the way, but you shall become “Unconditional Love” and that love married to “Wisdom” will become “Perfect Love”. You, too, like the “Great One” before you, shall hear the angels sing: “Glory to God in the Highest, peace on earth and good will toward men.”

“Now go forth “Growing Love”-…..the trumpet is blowing!”

Author’s note: The Greek word “aion” has been translated “age”, age-lasting”. “forever” and “world.” One word can not have four different meanings: Only “age-lasting” and “age” fit in each verse where “aion” is to be found. It is not the end of the “world” as been erroneously translated: It is the end of the “age.” Likewise, the Aronic priesthood and hell are not “forever.” The Aronic priesthood lasted an “age” and “Hell” will be “agelasting.” Hear it: “Hell” is cast into the “Lake of Fire” which is called “the “Second death” and because Jesus paid the penalty of death which includes the “Second Death”, hell and death shall be NO MORE! Hallelujah!

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