The Kingdom is Coming

“Grotesque” was not always grotesque. Being a sweet and gentle child as a little girl, she was known as “Comely.” All the people in “Kindness”, the town she grew up in, had tender hearts and were always considerate of one another. They gave each other a “holy kiss” whenever they met which endued them all with the power of love and grace. No one gave anyone a cold shoulder or said any harsh words as was done in the neighboring town called “Animosity.”

The mayor of “Animosity” was a cruel leader called the “Beast” who bore many scars due to the wounds inflicted upon him as a youth, and because he could not forgive those who hurt him, he always had hatred and rage burning in him like a fiery oven. Anyone who got near him was either burned or became just like him. Terror and uprisings were continually going on in that infamous town.

The king who ruled over all the land in which these cities were located was called “Nonchalant” and because he was nonchalant, he didn’t exercise the authority he had been given. Consequently the people and cities could be any way they chose to be. It was fortunate for “Comely” to have lived her childhood in the lovely town of “Kindness” where she was raised under the loving care of her mother “Grace” and her father “Honor” who was greatly respected by everyone. But the day “Gentle-Heart”, the head of the county of “Goodness and “Charity” was ruthlessly murdered along with “Comely”’s father “Honor”, everything changed. The only way peace could be kept was for a new leader named “Form” to preside over the people. At first all seemed well, but under the rule of “Form”, people stopped giving each other a “holy kiss.” Instead they saluted one another with the words: “Obey the rules” and soon, the rules became so heavy that everyone was bowed over with burdens they weren’t meant to carry. Without love they weren’t able to obey the laws in the way that would do the town good. “Form” robbed them of their having the cheerful hearts and merciful ways they once had which brought good will and peace to their city. Instead, sternness, judging, and condemning thoughts and actions were in control.

The “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” was planted in the city square in front of the courthouse called “Unrighteousness” and everyone did homage to it. It was after “Comely” ate too much fruit from this tree that her name of “Comely” was changed to “Grotesque”, a distorted imitation of the truth instead of the word of life she was and had at work when she was “Comely.”

No one in the town realized they would become what they ate, so after consuming the damned tree’s fruit, the people became naked and debased. It was then that their city’s name came to be called “Religion”.

While these changes were being made in the city no longer called “Kindness”, many changes were going on in the city of “Animosity” as well. A coup took place and the “Beast”’s rulership was overturned by one called “Hell-Bound” who made everyone go in his direction. The commissioner of the overruling county, “Death and Hell”, worked hand-in-hand with “Hell-Bound” and it was then, that all the people became slaves and knew the misery and sorrow that their own actions brought on them. They would come to realize that they deserved the leaders that ruled over them because of what was in their own hearts, but they would not know this until they saw the wickedness and deceitfulness within their hearts and repented of it. That would take time and would not happen until “The Battle” written in the books written in Heaven took place.

Don’t you know that this story is ours, too? “Meggido” is here to strip us of all our religiosity and forms… We can no longer be under the rule of Babylon putting on a show for others and being a false imitation of the truth and love. We can no longer give God lip service and live for self. “The Beast” with his queen “Jezebel”, “Anti-Christ”, and “Death and Hell” have reigned far too long with “Nonchalant” looking the other way.

There’s a horn blowing, even the seventh trumpet. Can you hear it? Get ready all you who are at ease:

The Kingdom is coming and is NOW!!

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