A New Day Coming

There once was a spider named “Horrible Nightmare” who was called “Night” for short. He was a cunning creature that spun a web of deceit and lived by trapping unsuspecting ones in it. He had a peculiar love that delighted him but would eventually cause him trouble. His fascination for the sea would draw him too close to the water and he would have to run for dear life when he forgot about the tide coming in.

He identified very much with the in and out movements of the sea he loved and would let his emotions rule over his common sense. He simply was unable to let go of his high emotions which always in turn brought low ones.

One day while he was sleeping restfully under the covering of a shell, a princess came strolling by. She was not an attractive princess because her nose was twisted which became this way because of her often cold and angry judgments. Her mouth was also a funny shape because she used it too much. However, although her appearance was bad, her heart was not so. She wanted to please her father, the king and thought that what she did and said were like his ways, but they weren’t. His daughter’s critical and sharp manner did not please King “Solemn Heart”, but he did love her because she was his. He sent her to the beach with the hope that a new setting and new friends would help her in developing new ways and attitudes.

She spent her days aimlessly not meeting any new friends that were interested in knowing her. It was when she picked up a shell that she discovered a sleeping spider underneath it. “Oh my! What a beautiful spider!” she exclaimed. “Night” would normally have run away, but her calling him “beautiful” had a mesmerizing effect on him for no one had ever called him beautiful before.

“Well, you’re not so bad yourself”, he replied. The twinkle he saw in the princess’ eye made it a half truth so he thought it was okay to tell her that. The princess’ heart was warmed by his response because people never said nice things to her so the two of them became instant friends in that moment. They instinctively knew that something of importance was to take place between them.

“Nightmare” needed to know the princess’ name before he could be set free from his desire to live too close to the sea [the senses and emotions]. The Princess needed his help because she did not see herself with the eyes of understanding and was still walking under the veil of judging….of looking for and fearing evil. Oh, how she longed to be free, but knew not how for she had been this way for a long time. Neither “Night” nor the princess knew that they were looking at aspects of themselves as they looked at each other.

Soon a storm came upon the sea great fear for her little friend caused the princess to put “Horrible Nightmare” in a cage. “No, no,no!” he screamed. “A cage is worse than death for me! Please let me out!” Her ears were deaf to his cry because she thought she was doing the right thing not realizing she was bringing great trauma to him and harm to herself. She had never been taught that making decisions for others instead of letting make their own always has negative consequences.

The storm passed and when all was quiet and finally peaceful, “Night” realized that the princess’ name was “Unrighteous Judgment”. The prison bars of his cage started to shake with the oncoming of this thought. How often he had made unrighteous judgments with many bad repercussions.

His name “Horrible Nightmare”, which was really the name of the carnal ego, was destined to be changed when he awakened from the sleep of his soul. Upon his waking up, his night clothes [all the actions of self for approval, power, or gain] had to be removed and the clothes of the “New Day” put on and his new clothes of “Humble Righteousness” were to be worn with dignity, honoring God and not self….There would be no more assumptions and presumptions, the stumbling stones that had to be kicked out of the way.

“Love”, the destiny of the princess, was ordained by another king who dwelled in a higher realm called “Mercy”. This king was the “King of Kings” and he had rule over all the other ones. It was to be through this rule that ”Solemn Heart”’s name was to be changed to “Merry Heart”.

It was going to take time before there would be a marriage between the princess and her suitor whose name was “Intuition to Come”. They would both have to be fitted with glasses so that they could see better through the eyes of understanding. They were to wait upon “Mercy’s” instruction and put fear and mistrust into the cage that was made for one’s brother.

But at last, there would be a wiping away of all the tears of crying for oneself. Yea, the “Burden of Self” would surely be removed in the “New Day” when “Horrible Nightmare” and “Unrighteous Judgment” would be no more.

Can you see that new day coming now for YOU?

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