Give a Curtsy and a Gift

“Courtesy” had just received one of the highest awards in the city of “Good Character” for her outstanding work. A star diadem with the word “Righteousness” written in diamonds on it was placed on her head so that all would know she was one to be followed. When he bestowed the award on her, Judge “Mordecai” made a proclamation to all the citizens of the town: “Courtesy” is among the very few who has gained favor of the king. “King Honorable” has decreed that those who do not follow her will not be able to enter the “Kingdom of Peace, Joy and Righteousness.”

The king had recognized that only through courtesy and through cherishing others could the land have peace and love as its fruits. “Courtesy” was called to serve in an official role and something was coming up soon that was going to be a great test for the king and for all the inhabitants of the land. He was going to need “Courtesy”’s help because without her, he would surely fall. His greatest temptation and that of the citizens was to become brusque and harsh with people who were offensive. In moments where people didn’t do right, in the past before his name “Rash” had been changed to “Honorable”, he would beat them hard. It took him many years before he understood that mercy rejoices over judgment and it was after he had learned this that he was crowned king and married “Queen Trustworthy.”

“King Honorable” and “Queen Trustworthy” were known throughout all the land for being fair and just and for their genuine love. Because the king had great wisdom he appointed “Mordecai” as the supreme judge of the city of “Good Character” due to “Mordecai”’s great discernment and especially because the smell of myrrh always permeated the atmosphere wherever he went. Myrrh was the most precious fragrance of all in the city because without myrrh, no one could be prepared for the “United Kingdom To Come” in which everyone would be heart-married to “Joy”, a substance of faith. A great crushing was needed to subdue the natural tendencies in man, and everyone who overcame them had the smell of myrrh on their bodies. Sadly there were only a few. The final test for the king and for all the citizens was to come in the form of an unruly child named “Scrounger.”

The king instructed “Courtesy”: “Go in the high-ways and by-ways and find someone to tend to my sheep. Our chief shepherd “Patience” and “Long-suffering” were killed and while there is one in the city to replace “Patience”, no one has qualified to replace “Long-Suffering.”

So off “Courtesy” went to fulfill her mission looking everywhere for that one. It was on the street called “Turn Around” that she saw “Scrounger” standing on the corner. “Courtesy” ran quickly over to him and made one of her gracious curtsies before him. “What kind of kook is this?” he thought to himself as he had never seen a curtsey before. And then he immediately pondered how he could get something from her.

Instinctively knowing his thoughts, “Courtesy” smiled at him and said: “I do have something for you “Scrounger”, and it’s something that you need very much!”

“How do you know my name?” he snapped, disturbed that she might know his reputation that he was a mooch and a thief. 

“I know it from the voice inside me,” she gently told him. “You have that voice within you, too, but you have never been in touch with it.”

“Yeah, and just how do you know that?” he gruffly replied, thinking: “I don’t want anything to do with voices.” He started to squirm, wanting to get away from “Courtesy.”

“Everyone has the voice of truth in them… Your grandmother “Holy” did. Don’t you remember how she instructed you to seek God and walk in the path of holiness?”

His mind raced back to the times he sat on his grandmother’s lap and how he felt love and joy just in being with her,… something he had not felt again since he was eight years old when she died. His mother “Tender Heart” lost her name then and was known as “Hell Bound” thereafter. He lost his name, too and couldn’t even remember what it was. He became so rebellious and unruly because “Hell Bound” had many lovers who abused him. He misbehaved so often, “Hell-Bound”’s heart that was hard and hateful, became even more so and threw him out of the house without having any remorse about doing it. He was only thirteen years old at the time he became homeless and roamed the streets for the following twenty years of his life. Because the people of the city of “Good Character” were kind and loving, he was helped by them, but when he became mean, angry, hateful and manipulative, they steered away every time they saw him. That was when he had become a thief.

Although the people had virtue established in them, they and the king had not yet learned the great principle of life yet. Their test was: “Would they learn it and apply it?”

Because “Courtesy” had become very acquainted with the still small voice within, she was learning that she had power to change things and make an impact on others. She had heard the command to honor all men and she always tried to do this with a kind and loving heart. Because that was her great service, the stars on her crown shone bright light on her path for her having an open heart activated them and the two steps more that she needed to take had become apparent to her. The voice within shouted: “You’ve got it! You’ve got it! Call forth things that are not as though they were and render good for evil.” Oh how happy “Courtesy” was for the keys of the knowledge of truth were hers now!

With a divine twinkle in her eye, she looked at “Scrounger” smiling like the noon day sun kissing him with light. You are to be called: “Giver of Life”, “Courtesy” decreed with “Spirit”’s power upon her. The words were so activated with life-changing essence that the still small voice in him was awakened.

The voice whispered: “Take her gift!” and he readily received the bread and wine she offered him and with it, a new heart was given to him. He instinctively knew that he would be stealing no more. “The Lord Jesus Christ is giving you life my dear brother, and your name shall be heralded in heaven and in all the earth! Come with me now, for you shall tend the king’s sheep now. When you meet the king, you must bow low”, she instructed.

So off they went to the king’s court to come before “King Honorable”’s throne. “Courtesy” curtsied before her beloved king and “Giver of Life” did exactly as he was told: He bowed low but when he raised up to behold the king, the king’s face turned dark and a huge scowl was on his face. “You! You”, he bellowed! “You’re the thief who dared to rob us! With my own eyes I saw you steal my horse “Patience”! “Courtesy, how could you bring such a one to me?” he shouted at her.

“Courtesy” trembled, but in great courage addressed the king with gentleness in her voice. “Oh “King Honorable”, don’t you remember when our Lord Jesus died between two thieves, He told one of them: “This day you will be with me in Paradise!”?

“King Honorable” trembled, too because the still voice within him warned: “Don’t you judge him or you will be judged! All men are thieves for all have robbed Him of His rightful place inside them ruling their hearts.” Great conviction came over the king and his countenance changed as he heard the voice reveal the new name bestowed upon the no-longer thief. “You must render him good and give him the gift the one called “Giver of Life” will need to tend your sheep”, “Truth” instructed him.”

The king sprang off His throne and with giant strides went to his treasure chest that was in the “Prayer Closet”… He pulled out a beautiful gold bag with the words “Faith and Love” on it that contained smaller bags inside. He took one of them and called “Giver of Life” to come to him into that most sacred place. “I freely give to you what has been given to me. Go to my sheep and do likewise, for in this bag are mustard seeds with transforming power. As you give them to my sheep, each one of them will have power, love and faith to cause the kingdoms of this world to become the kingdoms of this world.” The King embraced the new shepherd of the sheep with with loving respect and what joy the people had over having “Long-Suffering’s place filled by “Giver of Life.”

And do you know the first acts done through the faith of the mustard seeds that you will do also, if you are faithful shepherds and givers of life?: All of the faithful sheep under his care went on into perfection and the king’s horse “Patience” was raised from the dead.

You, too, will have power to raise the dead, and YOU will be perfect!

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