A Broken Heart

Yesterday, I had a vision of the Lord holding a huge bottle with tears in it that were spilling over the top. They flowed down to the earth and watered the seeds that I had sown.

This morning I heard the word “a broken heart” and was shown my heart not only with broken parts- It was splintered so badly that it was like the heart was only splinters.

Then I understood that all the crippled bones in my body were due to having a broken heart. You do not see my toes, feet, knees, etc. in this photo, but my hands reveal enough so that when I post an “after” picture showing my hands healed, you will know what God has done for me.

May you pray for all who have broken hearts today.

Categories: visions

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  1. My Beautimus Butterfly,From the moment I met you, I have “prayed” to the universe that you could be released of your crimped and crumpled wings……to fly freely, your crimson heart peacefully beating with the smoothness of those magnificent fluttering appendages….I miss your voice of song and your musical talent…crimped, crumpled or not…..I love you. The wingless 


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