God’s Kingdom Come

“Sorry” was born in the mouth of “Satan” along with her twin sister “Regret.” Their mother “Restitution” conceived them when their father “Horrible Nightmare” forcefully took her when he was on a drunken spree. “Restitution” did not want to name her children “Sorry” and “Regret”, but their names were forced upon her as well. She had no power or authority in the matter because “Horrible Nightmare” was the head of the household and would be until the “Day of Awakening.”

All were asleep in the town where they lived and would remain so until “Horrible”’s character and name would be changed to “Salvation.” “Restitution”’s release from tyrannical bondage to him was destined to come for it was written in “The Book of Life” along with God’s plan for all in her family to be transformed and blessed. The Father in Heaven gave “Restitution” His promise that He would rename her husband and her children in the appointed time and that no one would be sorry then… no one would have regret either because all things work for the good for those who love God and are the called according to God’s purposes and “Restitution” was most definitely that.

Even though she knew that the end would be good, “Restitution” experienced deep sorrow and pain as she watched her children grow more and more sorry for the things done in their lives. “Regret” became like a huge boulder on a bent-over back that couldn’t straighten up. 

“Sorry” was saying “I’m sorry” all the time because the things she wanted to do, she didn’t and the things she didn’t want to do, she did. “Regret” never left her side, continually pointing her finger at her, reprimanding her for what she should not have done and what she should have. And to make matters worse, their cousin “Misery” who was also born in Satan’s mouth, always accompanied them wherever they went.

All the town of “Insensitive Uprising” lay in the lap of the enemy and consequently there was insensitive uprisings in the people all the time which was the cause of sorrow and regret there. Everyone was born with the propensity to react instead of having the grace to respond to the situations and people in their lives with love… Patience and long-suffering were not the fruits grown in the orchards of the town, but rather hastiness, presumption, pride, presumption, misunderstanding, assumption, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, and other fruit that caused indigestion and heart trouble flourished there. “Sorrow” and “Regret” were board members on the city’s council so consequently, the people were never permitted to grow the fruit of joy and peace. The only way things could change was that first, the city had to be renamed “Self-Control”, but how that was to take place, no one knew but “Day Star”.

“DayStar” was the governor in the neighboring city called “Righteousness” and his fame was known throughout all the land called “Transformation to Come”… Everyone in this country was ordained before the beginning of time to be transformed…. The City of “Insensitive Uprisings” was the last to come under the rulership of “King Honor” and Queen Integrity” who jointly ruled the people. Their marriage was the most renowned one in all the world because they chose “Courtesy”, “Cheer” “Wisdom”,”Simplicity”. “Humility”, “Love”, “Peace” and “Righteousness” to rule with them over all their affairs and were guided always by the Holy Spirit.

When “DayStar” heard of the troubles in the city of “Insensitive Uprisings” he went on his own volition to ask “King Honor” and “Queen Integrity” if he could have their permission to beam his light on the city of “Insensitive Uprisings.” It was given to him immediately, for the King and Queen knew that without light things could never change.

So off “Daystar” rode on his horse “Valiant” to accomplish his mission. When he approached the city, his light was so bright that all the roosters came out of their hiding places where they had been due to the people having banished them. All the people wanted to remain in their sleep because the truth had not been made known to them and they could know a measure of peace when they were asleep.

With “Daystar” and “Valiant”’s arrival, a whole multitude of roosters began crowing “The Wake Up Call.” Everyone came out of their slumbering state to behold “Day Star” in all his glory… He had the attributes of God established in his character being full of grace and truth. His light not only had the power to make all things apparent in the outer world, but could penetrate into the innermost being of man. Great conviction came upon everyone that their ways were not God’s ways and their insensitive uprising behavior was exposed for what it was, even death to their souls. Now that light had come, “Humility” and “Repentance” could take their places in the hearts of all.

“Horrible Nightmare”, “Sorrow” and “Regret” became no more because their names were changed in that moment to “Salvation”, “Joy” and “Praise”, and “Restitution”’s name also, was changed into “Restitution of All Things.”

What a glorious day it was, for the “Devil”’s mouth was shut and his power stripped away. God’s kingdom had come‼️

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