Missing Joy Found

“Joy” wanted to be “Peace”. She had seen the great calming effect that “Peace” brought with him, and it was more than she could bear that she was unable to have the same results. Everyday “Joy” thought to herself: “I’m not enough!” Of course, she was right, for by herself she was not enough. Somehow she couldn’t see the whole picture in which every part was sufficient and whole. Joy was beautiful and didn’t know it.

Whoever had the spotlight was the one she wanted to be like. She measured herself continually against the glory manifested by others and became more and more despondent.  In doing so, she lost her own glory. Poor soul, she came to the place of being unable to remember her name and because she had not valued her nature, she could no longer walk in it.

On the day King “Honor” called for all his glorious ones, she was not numbered among them. “Honor” was very disturbed when he did not find “Joy” among his chosen. It was his plan that “Joy”, “Peace” and “Righteousness” be in charge of all his kingdom and here, one of the very ones he planned to favor, was missing. “Peace” and “Righteousness” loved “Joy” and desired her presence as well. When King “Honor” asked them where they had seen her last, “Peace” recalled her sitting by the brook “Introspection” under the tree “Self-criticism”. “Sorrow” was with her overshadowing her. “Peace” had tried to make conversation with “Joy” hoping that his presence would bring her back to her usual self, but “Sorrow” pushed him away. It was quite disconcerting to “Peace” who felt badly that he could not accomplish his mission. “Sorrow’s” influence was just too strong and overpowering.

“Peace” was not one to hide the truth, but he did not want to hurt the king with the news that “Joy” no longer knew who she was and had taken company with “Sorrow”. Instead of answering his king directly, he assured him that they would go and find her. “Peace” determined within himself that he would make another attempt at restoring “Joy”, realizing that he needed the help of “Righteousness” to do it. Since “Righteousness” was always ready to do the right thing, they had permission from the king to go searching for Joy.

“Make sure you let “Joy” know how much she is needed in the kingdom”, he commanded and waved them off. And so they went to the brook “Introspection” to get her, but she was no longer there. They searched everywhere… in the highways, in the byways, in the cities, and in the country, but nowhere could she be found. “Where is she?” they finally cried out to the “One Above”.

“The Lord” who always hears the cry of the righteous, answered quickly: “She’s in the cave of “Abdullah”, my servant, who is faithfully watching over her… She has been in this hiding place long and can not come out until she conquers her fear. It is time for you to go to her “Righteousness” for you have the “Mirror” with you and the “Voice of Truth” that can impart life and power into her to conquer “Fear.”

Oh how happy “Righteousness” was at that moment for he knew that as soon as the one who lost her name could see her fear, she would be set free. The dove called “Pointing the Way” led them right to the cave, cooing her song: “New Life is Coming”.

The cave was so dark as they entered it. She was hiding in a corner and couldn’t see who they were because she had become almost blind. Hearing their footsteps, fear filled her heart. She had many fears now that she was alone in darkness, and the fear of a thief coming was a big one. She started to tremble and wanted to run, but there was nowhere to go.

“Don’t be afraid “Joy.” It’s me “Righteousness” and “Peace” has come with me… We’re here to help you. Here- Give me your hand” he entreated, extending his to her. She was so overwhelmed that her friends had come for her, she collapsed in his arms crying. She hadn’t had peace in so long and had forgotten her best friend “Righteousness” whose countenance had become so bright in that moment that it lit up the cave. “We’re taking you home,” he firmly told her, but before we do, you must face your fear-.. the fear you have never recognized along with the other ones that always come with it. He pulled the mirror of “Glory” out of his breast, and beckoned her to look: The frame of the mirror had living butterflies on the edges that began to flutter their wings when “Joy” beheld herself in it. The “Voice of Truth” declared in a booming sound: “Face the truth now and give God glory!!”

“ Oh, oh, oh! I see it!” she cried. “I see myself! I see that my beauty and life have been lost all this time because I’ve been afraid of myself… afraid of being exposed… afraid of suffering.” As soon as she spoke these words, the change she saw in the mirror was astounding. She was “Glory Personified”

“Peace” wrapped his arms around her breathing the most beautiful fragrance over her and into her. Truly in knowing herself, in accepting herself and in knowing the truth, the fragrance of the knowledge of the Lord became her essence. What a happy day, indeed. 

“Before we take you home where our Father has been waiting so very long for you, you must absorb these words of life into your being: You must arm yourself with the mind of Christ choosing to fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in your flesh for His body’s sake, which is the church. You must lay down your life now for this is your mission and the mission of all those who love the Lord Jesus. In doing this, you will be like a woman in pain giving birth to a child and you will know and become “Joy Unspeakable!”

In the moment these words were spoken to her, great calm came over her for the mind of Christ was hers and the willingness to suffer came with it. 

Can you see her winning souls now on her journey home to “Honor”? Do you know that the first dominion of the kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalem? If you do: Be in pain, and labour, O daughter of Zion: Yours shall be the kingdom.

You shall know “Joy”!

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  1. This spoke about so much in the Spirit. Looking all around us at the gifts of God so plainly bestowed on others, it’s so easy to completely overlook and be oblivious to the gifts He’s given us! And all His precious gifts are given to bless others!

    Thank you for sharing this word, dear sister!


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