Restoration Come

The cup was small, not much to look at. “Will” stared at it questioning its importance. His brother “Faithful” had given it to him with the instruction that it was soon to be filled, and that he was to drink all of it.

“Will” was young but had matured quickly. He was not what he appeared to be for his wisdom surpassed the ancients of the city. However, he was not aware of it because he was of humble spirit, like his brother “Faithful”.

As “Will” stared at the cup, a vision appeared: The angel “Gabrielle” was clothed in a crystal-like garment, carrying one exactly like hers, only it wasn’t like crystal- it WAS crystal. She spoke to “Will” with the voice of thunder, saying “Only those who drink the cup may put on “CRYSTAL ROBE”. You have been chosen to do so, but before you do, you must be tried. The robe will be reserved for you in heaven,” she told him, “until you pass the test.”

As soon as she spoke these words, “The Accuser of the Brethren” appeared. He was dressed in white and had a long tail that protruded out from under his robe. He carried a Bible in one hand, an upside-down cross in the other, and he had the look of the ancients on his face. Indeed, he was an elder in the city and sat on the board of “All Meetings”.

“Gabrielle” whispered to “Will”: “You must see to it that “Accuser” attends no more meetings. I will come to you again as soon as you find the way.. THIS is your test!” As quickly as the words were spoken, she vanished. “Will” stood there face to face with “The Accuser”, astonished and a little unbelieving of what had just transpired. He had no time to think, for “The Accuser” took him by the hand and with a devious smile, said: “Will”, you and I are going to be great friends! I like you “Will”- You’re a man after my own heart.” “Will” shivered at the thought. “Do you remember your friend “Weak Will?”, “Accuser” continued. “Let’s go pay him a visit.

“Accuser” was quite forceful as he tugged “Will’s” hand dragging him along. but a small cloud of “Determination” covered “Will” and he was able to say” No, not today “Accuser”, my mind is on other things. “Accuser”’s face grew black at the sight of that cloud that often foiled his plans. Coughing and sputtering, “Accuser” chided “Will” saying: “I thought you’d be more neighborly “Will”. You know you’re supposed to visit the weak,” he snarled pointing his ruling finger at him. Immediately “Accuser’s” side kick “Condemnation” appeared from out of nowhere to join them. “Will” felt a twinge of guilt. It was true that he didn’t often visit “Weak Will” because between “Accuser”’s non-stop accusations and “Weak Will”’s pity parties, “Will couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Now that “Condemnation” had taken the upper hand, “Accuser” gained some of his strength back. “You’re going with me now “Will”, we’ve got some work to do.

Poor “Will”! All he could think of was how he was ever going to get “Accuser” to stop attending all the meetings when he couldn’t even get him off his back. “Discouragement” and “Depression” who could show up in a split second because they were mind readers, chimed together in one voice: “You’re never going to do it “Will”!!

But He was going to do it because long before his trial ever was, the One Who is the Word decreed: “I will perfect what concerns you.” It was this One who stood before “Will” as the “Book Opened” saying: ”It is not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit!” The word that “Will” needed came whirling out of the “Book Opened” into “Will”’s mouth and with the breath of God empowering it, “Will” decreed: “The kingdoms of this world has become the kingdoms of our Lord. The accuser of the brethren is cast down!”

It was like a lightning rod struck “Will”, for he suddenly saw how the kingdoms of this world with their lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life were connected to the “Accuser of the Brethren” and how it was only possible by the Spirit to see through the eyes of God and thereby change.

“Oh my, oh my!” he shouted with joy with his feet dancing to a new song in his heart. “Of course, when I no longer eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, judging and accusing others will have no ground to stand on… . Yippee! I’m free, I’m free!” he decreed with his heart beating with a newfound love for all.

The key was his at last: With boldness he announced to the “Accuser”: “Perfect love has set me free from you. The blood of “Jesus Christ” has washed away my sins, and not only mine but everyone’s and I shall no longer look through your eyes! Get out! Get out! GET OUT!!” The wicked one who had tormented “Will” all his life left screaming: “I’m doomed! I’m doomed! I’m doomed!”

With purpose and power, he ran to his friend’s home bursting through its door. Pulling “Weak Will” out of his chair of complacency, he decreed: “You shall no longer be called “Weak Will”, but by your new name: “Spirit- Power”. He could hardly believe it when he realized he had been given the power in his tongue to change the nature of man and of things.

Both of them knowing their mission by the Spirit within, quickly hurried off to the town hall as they now had the authority to keep the “Accuser” away from all town meetings. They put up a sign on the front door with “Forgiveness” written in blood red letters on it Underneath were the words: “No one can enter in unless they forgive all from their heart.” And so it was that the cloud of peace enveloped the whole building with twelve angels standing on guard.

It was then that Gabriel appeared to “Will” with the golden cup and the crystal robe in his hands to give to him. The cup was filled and overflowing with mercy and when “Will” drank of it, the crystal robe instantly clothed him becoming his own skin in a nee soft and flexible form.

“Gabrielle” announced: “This city’s name shall be called “Restoration” and all shall drink of the cup of “Mercy”… Truly the elect shall wear the crystal robes of “Transparency” ordained for them from the foundation of the world!”

With this proclamation multitudes of angels came carrying the banner “Goodness and Mercy” which then waved continuously without hands holding it over the city. THIS is the city where all righteous judges will be born.

This is YOUR city,… Yes, yours who live in peace and love!!

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