Theirs Is The Kingdom

“Soul” liked being first. It was her custom, being born in the land of “Natural Habitat”, to do all things without consulting anyone. It’s true that she was freeborn and that while “Natural Habitat” had laws, “Soul” was free to obey or disobey. She found herself for the most part, enjoying her liberty- but on occasion, a nagging feeling that all was not quite well would overcome her when she washed in the pool called “Troubled Heart.” Natural Habitat” had no mirrors. The pool was the only place in which “Soul” could see her reflection.

Hastiness” and “Presumption”, her best friends, always accompanied her except when she washed in the pool. Whenever they could, they would steer her to the lake called “Deception.” “Hastiness” especially, did not want to see “Soul” become friends with “Discipline”, so he and “Presumption” always tried to arrive early at “Soul’s” door. They knew “Soul” was attracted to her two neighbors “Truth” and “Discipline”, so they figured that as long as they could be with her, she’d never have the time to know “Truth” and “Discipline”.

One day a fox, a very cunning one named “Error” appeared at the lake of “Deception” when “Soul” came there with “Hastiness” and “Presumption” by her side. “Error” told “Soul” that he would make her very happy if she would let him court her promising her the world. He lied saying that if she would listen to him, her heart would sing a new song, even the song of “Paradise Regained.” “If you marry me, you will bear the surname “Judge” and sit with me on the highest judiciary seat of all in the land,” he avowed pridefully. “Soul” was dazzled by him and especially by the promise of having paradise regained. And so it was that “Soul”, “Hastiness”, “Presumption” and “Error” had many cozy conversations together over dinner about the time with its power and happiness to come. And how they flattered her about her being such a good person, telling her that she was. not at all like all the evil doers around her. It was strange to “Soul” that every time she was called good, a little shiver would run through her spine. “Reason”, “Error’s” best friend, could see it with his fine-tuned perception and say: “Soul, you know you’re good. 0h yes, it’s true you’ve done a few bad things, but you know you’re much better than all the others you know. Why look at all the charitable works you do. Truly you ARE good!”

The still small voice in “Soul” would fade away upon hearing “Reason’s” voice. She would assure herself: “ Yes, I’m good. Yes, I am”, and she would take “Presumption” by the hand and go to “Lake Deception” to see her reflection of goodness.

“Soul” was feeling more and more reluctant to marry “Error”, although “Error” looked good enough. It was just that when he put his arms around her, she felt something was wrong. It was because that the word of truth hidden in her heart long ago would surface for a fraction of a moment reminding her that there was only “One” Who was good. It was that One Who spoke to her when He came on a cold wintry night to bring her firewood. A storm called “Wake Up Call” had prevented her daily visitation from “Hastiness” and “Presumption” and so it came to pass that “Truth” had “Soul’s” attention for three hours with no interference.

“I have waited long to introduce you to my best friend “Grace”. Come let us sit by the fire together”, he lovingly beckoned, pointing to a fireplace called “Transfiguration’s Power.” Soul”’s heart pounded with great expectation and such exuberant joy. She had never felt so alive before and as she saw “Grace”’s face, the pounding stopped and great peace came over her.

“Dear little one, this is the hour for your change, for it was ordained long ago that you and I be one and that “Grace” would always accompany you. My secret is being revealed to you now-… Because “Grace” shall be with you and “Prudence” along with her, you now know and have become my glory … “Hastiness” and “Presumption” have held you back many long years from having my fullness manifested in and through you. For this reason you have been without power, but now you shall be “Soul and Spirit” as one… even my Bride revealed and manifested. You shall henceforth shall be known as “Shekinah Glory.”

Look!”: Truth commanded! Her eyes were instantly opened to the spirit realm and she beheld multitudes of angels surrounding them. Then “Truth” instructed her: “Point your finger at “Hastiness”, “Presumption”, “Deception”, “Reason” and “Error” and when she did, they all flew backwards as though from the force of a blast of a bomb. The angels picked their limp bodies up and took them far away to where they could have no more influence.

“You are seeing MY power in you demonstrated… the power to deliver all humanity from the power of darkness. The “Day Star” has risen in you, “Shekinah”, and it is its light that causes all that is in the darkness to flee. “Know who you are, even the light of the world, and that as long as you abide in me… as long as you don’t allow “Hastiness” and “presumption” back into your life, victory as you have never known shall be yours… and not only yours, but all those I’m bringing froth with you. You each have the power to transform others and to bring them into quick maturity.

Behold!: “Priest-Warriors”, fully consecrated ones who have allowed the cross to do a full work in them, are being joined to you now. This is the time that the mystery of Christ fully developed in a people is being made known.”

As “Truth” finished speaking these words, the mantle on the fireplace flew across the room becoming a mantle of fire on “Shekinah”’s shoulders… This mantle, even the mantle of Christ, immediately came as well, upon those who had overcome “Hastiness” and “Presumption”… All instantly had their youth renewed becoming a powerful army moving as one under the banner with the name “Wait Upon The Lord.” Yay, the secret was being made known to all by the name imprinted on the banner in gold.

Don’t you know?- Only those who wait upon the Lord can hear… only those who hear can have faith… only those who couple their faith with love will know the salvation of their souls.

Hear it!: Those who have waited on their Savior will manifest the glory that they have longed for. Hallelujah! Theirs is the kingdom!

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