A Class Act

As I finished writing the last line of this post, I heard the word “Centurion-Bride.” Oh my! The Spirit of the Lord is letting us know that THIS is the time that great faith and power shall be demonstrated through His Beloved. My dream given over two years ago is being fulfilled even NOW:

In it, I was getting ready to be with President Trump doing what was necessary to look presentable and preparing food for the occasion. I don’t remember what took place during my time with him, but at the end of the dream, he threw a ball to me. I successfully caught it, but when I threw it back to him, it fell short on to the ground. The ball didn’t reach him because my right arm was injured.

I believe President Trump represents a “trump word” that I and all of God’s people of power and grace are called to deliver. My catching the ball shows that I received the message (Yes, I comprehended it), but my delivering it fell short of the goal. We have the revelation but more than fire and more than shaking are needed… I believe that the full work will be accomplished through the brightness of His coming IN US collectively.

I asked the Lord what caused me to be unable to walk in the fullness of power that God’s right handed overcomers are called to possess, and the word “CLASS ACT” came to my mind. That’s it, my brethren. That’s the answer‼️

We’re not going to come into the fullness of Christ on our own. Although Joshua and Caleb had the faith to enter into the promised land, they couldn’t… they DIDN’T until a new generation was prepared to go in with them. Likewise, we won’t come into perfection until out weakest link is made ready to come into it with us… until we pray for one another and love one another as Job did for his friends…. until we cover all the negatives we see in the natural in others with love and faith… until we stop allowing the accuser to point out and condemn the flesh in ourselves and others….Yay, until we BECOME the church of brotherly love whereby the world will know that we are Christians.

In Romans 4:19. the translators injected the word “not” into the verse which altered the meaning. It was stated that Abraham “considered NOT his own body now dead”, but in fact, Abraham did consider it, but then ruled over what he saw by TRUMPING it with God’s Word. We are not to be in denial like Christian Scientists and like many within our own camp are. Yes, I see the blindness, hatred, ugliness and sins in the flesh, but I am calling forth the things that are not as though they were. I purpose to speak ONLY words of life over myself and others

We died on the cross with Jesus, but do we see ourselves risen with Him by faith or are we still looking at the flesh? We have power to change whatever we see, not by denying it, but by the WORD coming forth out of our mouths to change it! Our right arms will lose their power to hurt through our speaking the words of life…. even “right” words.

I have repented for locking others into what I see and hear. NOW, I say: “Let love and faith filled words of life come forth …. Yay, let there be a CLASS ACT‼️

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