The Inevitable Outcome

“Billy”, a proud goat who was called ”Foolish” by those who knew his character, stood erect and poised for the inevitable battle. He knew that he had to fight to maintain his domain, and was determined to remain “King of the Mountain” at whatever cost. “I shall never be removed from this place” he boastfully declared and commended himself on his great prowess.

“Timid”, a little mouse, stood in the lowest spot of all at the bottom of the ravine. Indeed, she knew her place. Her only desire was to find food and a space to live in, and unlike “Billy”, had no illusions of grandeur. She never used the word “never”.

The day came when a powerful lion whose name was “Inevitable Outcome” came to remove “Billy” from his self-made kingdom. When the ruler king shouted at the foolish goat with a loud, threatening voice declaring that it was time for HIS rule, “Billy” trembled fiercely and it was then that sickness entered into his body. To be sure he would not be able to win the battle weakened by sickness and fear, but “Foolish” was his name and foolish he was… and very, VERY presumptuous, too. “I WILL remain king!” he assured himself.

“Inevitable Outcome” knew the power of words and never gave voice to ones that couldn’t be kept. He was well aware of “Billy”’s folly and had come to evict him for the decree had been made by the “Most High God” that the reign of foolish ones would be brought down.

Because the lion king was filled with wisdom, he would not meet the foolish one on his own turf. He prudently sent “Timid” to him with a message, but first, he transformed and renamed her “Poise”. “Inevitable Outcome” had the authority to transfigure whomever he pleased, so he benevolently and miraculously used his power on “Timid”.

It was ordained that it would be through “Poise” that “Billy”’s pride would come to its end. So the day came when “Poise” quietly told “Billy” that she desired his friendship and informed him that a new kingdom was in the making. “You’re to have a very special place in it,… even a place of honor,” she informed him with much faith in her heart.

Upon hearing her gracious words, “Billy” felt an unseen substance cover him called “Comfort” that was unknown to him. He hadn’t thought much of the little mouse before, but now he was drawn to her. She seemed to have a compelling radiance about her, so he bowed his head down to hear what more she had to say.

“Poise” tenderly looked him in the eye. She felt very tall now that she had been transformed. Plainly and deliberately, “Poise” spoke to him with authority: “I have been sent from a higher authority to tell you that you must retract your words as well as have a change of mind and heart. You have not known you are loved and that is why you desire to be someone you are not. When you know the power of love, you will want to serve others, not want to Lord it over them, and you will be content, even in the lowest place of all. Now, if you will allow the lion who is the rightful ruler to touch you with his power, you will be satisfied with your own true worth which you will know through love.

An overwhelming desire filled his heart as he realized that indeed, what was missing from his life was love and that he had not known his real identity. He truly wanted to change and found himself weeping uncontrollably wondering how that could possibly happen. Knowing by “The Spirit” that “Billy” now had a repentant heart, “Inevitable Outcome” came quickly on the scene with a roar that shook “Billy” to the core. Every nerve in the foolish goat’s body twitched and between his twitching and sobbing, it looked like he was falling apart.

“There, there!” the king spoke softly and tenderly as he graciously moved close to him. Face to face with great light beaming through his eyes, he comforted “Billy” saying: “Do not be afraid for I have the power to transform you.” Then “Inevitable Outcome” breathed on him with the “Wind of Change”, the miraculous power he had been endued with, and “Billy” was no longer a goat… Lo and behold: He was a little white lamb looking up unafraid into the lion’s compassionate eyes. “You shall be called “Humility” from henceforth, “Inevitable Outcome” decreed, “and you shall be with me wherever I go…. even reigning with me on the highest mountain in the “New Kingdom”.

So now if you look closely, you can see “Poise” resting peacefully between them. Truly, the earth can only be ruled by authority, meekness and, of course,….”Poise”.


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