The Key of Love

“Passivity” spoke to “Determination” and threatened: “We’re going to be fried if we go in your direction.” He was always threatening “Determination” with hell to come because he didn’t want to do anything. “Passivity” simply liked things status quo, not like “Determination” whose ideas were not always good ones. How well “Passivity” knew that!

The two of them had been paired [actually handcuffed] together by “Procrastination”, the death word of their grandmother “Lazy” whose genes were passed on to “Passivity”. It was Grandfather “Strong Will’s” genes that “Determination” inherited. Grandmother and Grandfather “Mismatched” were divorced shortly after their daughter “Double-minded” was born. It was going to be impossible for “Determination” to confront “Satire” as long as he was handcuffed to “Passivity.” “Satire” played the key role in their lives ever since “Immortality” was no longer in sight.

The whole world had been blinded and therefore could not see that “Immortality” was destined to be its final change. Now it was as though the world was a womb carrying “Passive” and “Determination” in it.

There came a day when “Illumination”, a virgin and the true self of “Double-minded”, gave birth. She wept because her twins were born handcuffed and there was no one with the key to unlock and divide them. They were destined to be together until the key was found. Oh, the terrible fights they had. “Passivity” used a passive-aggressive technique and always got the upper hand over “Determination”’s argumentative and dogmatic style. “Determination” was going to have to learn a better way, which he set out to do.

It was when he read the story of Moses that he realized his error. His shouting and argumentative way in pursuit of righteousness was very much like Moses’ striking the rock. “Determination” could see that speaking in a soft and controlled voice was going to work much better.He had yet to learn however, that prayer was the real power behind the word that could accomplish a desired feat.

And so it came to pass when “Passivity”’s passive resistance was in full gear, that “Determination” cried out with all his might for help from the unseen realm. He had heard about the power of “The Most High God ” but thought that his own will was all that was necessary to be victorious. His will was not successful in overcoming passive resistance, so he finally cried out for outside help. “What’s that thunder?!?” “Passivity”, who was visibly frightened, questioned in an unusually shaken voice. The ground under his feet began to move as though from an impending earthquake. “You know “Determination”, if I go down, you do, too!” he nervously threatened. “Determination” knew that his prayers must have been working, because “Passivity” was always pretty calm, even when making threats. The sweat pouring down his face and the tremors in his body were definitely out of character.

“But “Passivity” is right”, “Determination” sadly reflected. “How are we ever going to be separated?” The thunder grew louder and the earth shook with more fervor, so again “Determination” called out to “The Most High God”: “Where are you?” he cried. “How can I be freed from “Passivity”’s control?”

A dove instantly appeared whose name was “The Living Word” appeared. She had the key in her mouth but it was from the secret lips of her heart that she spoke. “It’s a mystery that my heart’s lips were created from another order, even the Melchezedek order,” “The Living Word” informed “Determination”. “This key can be yours when you learn to speak from the heart as I do,” she assured him. “You have spoken from your head for so long, that you are not in touch with your heart and that is why you have criticized and condemned when you have confronted others and why “Satire” has ruled so long. Now go your way which is not your way and learn the lesson!”

“Determination” with newfound strength, dragged “Passivity” along. “Be still and KNOW!” he commanded. “You are going to be changed and so am I!” “Passivity” almost had the wind knocked out of him when “Determination” spoke the words that came from his heart.

“Determination”, too, was startled because he thought words from the heart always had to be soft ones. He had not been in touch with the understanding that strong words of authority needed be exercised that didn’t need to be administered with a shouting voice… only with firmness of heart. “Wow!” thought “Determination”, “How come I didn’t know that before?”

The dove immediately appeared again and pointed to the chain connecting the handcuffs. “While this chain appears to be an ordinary chain, it is really a living entity”, she informed “Determination”. “Fear” is its name and it’s the reason you have walked with “Passivity” for so long. If you will exercise your authority over fear and KNOW, believing from your heart and not from your head, that love has full power over him, YOU WILL BE FREE!”

And so it came to pass that confrontations were no longer seen as confrontations, but as opportunities to exercise love. “Passivity”’s name in that day was changed to “Vitality” and “Determination”’s name into “True Rest”.. They no longer lived in the world of “Satire”, but in the world of “Joy”…. the abode of all overcomers!

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