The Way Out

The “Ship of Faith” meant to take the captives of Babylon home was stuck. Not only were chains tied to the ship, but boulder rocks surrounded it so that even if the ship were free to move, it would perish if it did.

Months of agonizing over how it could be freed passed with no one having the knowledge or ability to free it. Prayers went up night and day but seemingly to no avail.

One day while reading his Bible, “Captain Overseer” realized that the scripture pertaining to Achan and Ai described the dilemma that those in the ship were in perfectly-… No one understood that just one person could delay an entire ship and that they were only as strong as their weakest link.

Who was the one with sin? Ah, they didn’t know that all carried responsibility concerning the sin of that erring one. If each one did not bear the sins of others as their own, they would remain stuck. The only way the chains and boulders of judgment and condemnation to be removed was through the bearing of one another’s sins in intercession.

Would they do it?…Will we do it??

Categories: Allegories

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