The Highest Degree

“ Self-Analysis” was always busy, quite certain that her work was worthwhile. She diligently searched every little nook and cranny of her soul for its imperfections, weaknesses, faults and (Heavens to Betsy) sins. She always succeeded in finding them through “False Salvation’s Light” that she affectionately called “This Little Light of Mine”.

“Self-Analysis” was never happy because her children “Self-Accusation”, “Guilt” and “Condemnation” were always at her side, never giving her a moment’s rest. At the end of the day after every negative thought and action was written in her account book “Jot and Tittle”, she would go to bed with the feeling that not all was well.

And how her friend “Simplicity” irked her. No matter how many times “Self-Analysis” tried to get “Simplicity” to see her own spots and blemishes as well as those of others, “Simplicity” would just smile and sweetly say: “Look at the cross, my dear, troubled friend. Don’t you see all those things blotted out?”

“Hmph! Me troubled?! You’re too simple minded, “S.A.” would piously accuse “Simplicity”. You need my searchlight to see better! But “Simplicity” would return a kind smile that had a flashing light of its own and say:

“Dear “Self”, you know that my Father gave me my searchlight, the “Holy Spirit”, and I can use no other, lest I bring offense. “Self-Analysis”, aren’t you tired of all that work you’re doing? Won’t you consider getting the new name our Father promised you?

“Simplicity” didn’t have the heart to tell “Self” that all her work would be burned up as hay, wood and stubble. She loved the soul of her friend and would often pray: “Lord open her eyes”. But alas, “Simplicity“ knew that as long as “Self” walked in pride, nothing could change, yet still she sent out petitions to her God. “Nothing is impossible!” she would remind Him. “Simplicity” shuddered when she remembered her old name “Sick ‘n Tired”. “Yes God can do it!” she would tell herself.

One day when “Self” was frantically searching for answers, she had the awareness of a prisoner in her belly screaming: “Let me out! Let me out!” the voice cried.

“Who are you?” Self” inquired, surprised and worried about what she might find.

“I am the child within you- your “True Self”! You have imprisoned me all these years and it’s time for my release, but only you can let me out because you’ve got the key. Won’t you use it?”

“Self” was taken back. “I have the key? Me??” she asked amazed.

Her son rose up indignantly. “Mother! You have no key!”, he shouted with hatred in his voice. “Don’t listen!” he commanded with an earth shaking authority. “You know how important your degree in “Adam Psychology” is and your graduation day is just around the corner”, he reminded his mother, softening his voice to appeal to her carnal emotions. “You can’t possibly want to be like that simple minded friend of yours who’s always listening to that voice.”

But she did. In the very moment that desire for the truth rose up in her heart, lightning lit up the heavens of her mind and the voice of thunder proclaimed: “Indeed you DO have the key and henceforth, “Self-Analysis” shall no longer be your name. You shall be “Christ-Revealed” and you most definitely will NOT be getting a degree in “Adam Psychology”! The highest degree of all shall become yours… even a PhD in “The Knowledge of The Truth”!

Look!: All those who have been prepared for the “Throne Rule” are waiting for YOUR day.

It’s coming!!”

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