The Door

All the rooms were filled with gold and all manner of treasures that delight the soul were to be found in these black walled rooms. The doors had been locked and because the outside walls seemed foreboding, only a few were interested in entering for no one had been told of the glories within. It was only upon entering that they could be realized. To compound matters, the keys to these rooms were lost. Indeed, it was apparent that very few if any, would experience the glories of the rooms.

The “Door” that was an unlocked one was placed in every man’s heart. The birds flew above it singing: “Come, Come… Come be known of the Father!” Many were ordained to enter in this age.

Among those who would enter was one called “Weak Will”. Now “Weak Will” thought it was through his will that all doors would be opened to him, and although it was a half truth, it was not the truth. He did not know that the biggest deceptions came through half truths which all on earth were walking in.

So “Weak Will” strived day and night trying to make his will stronger, until at the last, he gave up trying.

How strange and fearful giving up was … How could he know that angels’ wings would be given to him to ascend to the place of “Not by might, not by power… not even by one’s own will, but by the Spirit of the Almighty”?

Ah, “Weak Will” who despaired of himself would shortly find the lost keys deep inside the “Secret Place”. Then he would be known of the Father as “Surrendered Will”, one who had sought and found… one who overcame by finding the keys, not only to the treasure rooms, but to life.

Can you hear the birds singing over the door in your heart? It’s time for you to find the keys too, and have life and it more abundantly!”

Categories: Allegories

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