The Seed

“Stern” was the president of a company called “No More Fun.” He had always been a serious person,… much too serious for his own good and all who knew him. Because he was a perfectionist with a very judgmental spirit, none liked him except one little girl who liked everybody. “Chastity” was a disciple of Jesus who had instructed her to look past the faults of people and see the treasure that was to be formed in them. Chastity was a seed inspector and knew by “Spirit”, her constant companion which seeds within people would grow to perfection.

She had the menial job in the company of bringing coffee and donuts to the employees in the morning and she always did so with much cheer. No one realized how important “Chastity” was except Jesus and the angels who always accompanied her. A chipper little one was she bringing heart warmth to everyone… everyone that is, except “Stern”… “Chastity” was a bother to him because he never took breaks for himself and thought no one else should take them either. While he knew that she was not the cause of the company having breaks, he irrationally blamed her and had a very harsh attitude towards her… actually towards everybody, but especially towards her because cheery people irritated him.

“Hmmph” was the only sound he made when he was around her, but “Chastity” paid no attention to it and treated him as though he was the most wonderful person on earth.

“Good-morning “Mr. President, sir”, she’d say: “Do you know that you are going to get a great reward one day?” “Hmmph” was always his response and hers was always the same one, too: “You are going to be crowned with the “Crown of Joy”! Yes you are! Do you want me to tell you my dream about you and your crown?”… Another “Hmmmph” would come but something was being stirred in him each time “Chastity” said these words.

“She’s just a child! What does she know?” he’d tell himself and go about his business.

“Chastity” never got discouraged about anything because her focus was always on “The Seed”. Jesus told her that if she always watered it with words of faith from her heart and let the sunshine of love shine on it, the seed had no other course but to grow. You see, “Chastity” was an atmosphere changer sent from above to the company of “No More Fun” which would inevitably become “Spontaneous Laughter” due to her influence.

Do you, who are your “Father in Heaven”’s children, know that “Chastity”’s mission is your mission, too? Have you remembered that when your Father saw the heathen rage, he laughed?… So tell me, why aren’t you laughing in the midst of all your troubles,… in the midst of all the uprisings and calamities of this world? Have you forgotten that you have a good end coming for you?

And oh yes, the time did arrive when “Stern” realized that being stern all the time was no way to live. It happened on the day that “Chastity” took a big step of faith and boldly went into his office accompanied by a band of angels. The stern look that she put on her expression is what did it!! Her shiny face which had always looked so sweet, so child-like, so loving, now looked like a replica of his- gloomy, critical, unfriendly, austere and uncaring.

“Stern”’s change came when the angels put twinkle dust in his eyes that opened them up to see supernaturally…. In seeing himself in the one he knew had never been like him was mind jolting for him. He didn’t like what he saw at all and much to his surprise he burst out sobbing. He was a person who never let himself cry and it was such a bewildering, discomforting experience for him: He truly saw himself for the first time and he knew he had to become different.

Ah holy repentance and wonderful fruit comes when the heart is ready and always when angel dust is put on one’s eyes…. You see, it’s only by seeing oneself as one really is, that life with new beginnings can come. It is God who sends a form of ourselves in the appearance of another in order for us to judge ourselves. How many of us realize that the person who is troubling us the most is a gift appointed from above?

Do you??

Author’s note: I’d like to clarify two points made in this allegory : In the middle of having a heart attack, Kenneth Hagin, a mighty well-known minister for healing and deliverance, forced himself to laugh because he knew his victory was certain. He has set such a great example for us! Truly, we have many troubles and deep sufferings in our walk, but because we have joy set before us, we can laugh… Yes, we can rejoice always.

The other point is that I do not make light of the havoc, wounds and misery our enemies can cause for us. I and some of you who have read this allegory have gone through horrendous things, but our nature has been changed because of them… If we have been made more like Christ through suffering, then the people and the suffering indeed have been gifts to us. Also, every natural sin is a type and shadow of a spiritual sin that can convict us of what we’re doing in our relationship with God. In the past I especially was hurt and angry over adultery, not realizing that I was committing spiritual adultery against God by allowing other things and people to have my attention instead of Him. Likewise, are people who judge those who abort their babies, aborting the Christ within? .. Are those who judge drunkards, ones who just want a God who makes them feel good and use His gifts for themselves? We have so many disguised gifts on a journey into wholeness… I thank the Lord for giving those who have eyes to see the gifts that people are to us.

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