Tried and True

“Hellfire” caused trouble wherever she went. She was filled with her own opinions and judgments, so consequently “Hellfire” could not hear the truth. She breathed fire on anyone who expressed the words of life to her.

This one was sure of her own righteousness, but had a troubling sense that something was amiss that she couldn’t shake which gnawed at her in the night when she couldn’t sleep. With strength from the demon who dwelled in her called “Irreconcilable”, she’d push those thoughts away. Facing herself was impossible as long as long as “Irreconcilable” had rule over her and in her relationships but that dominion would come to an end, for the “Most High God” had “Hellfire”’s destiny in His hand.

One day “Bright Star”, a distant relative, came for an unexpected visit. Her light was so bright that “Hellfire” screamed: “Your blinding me! Put something over your face… I can’t talk with you until you do.”

“Bright Star” had a very meek character and knew that her glory had to be temporarily covered. She realized instinctively that “Hellfire” would not be able to see and have her blindness removed until something more was done. So “Bright Star” covered her face with the veil of humility and went over to “Hellfire” with the bowl of compassion she always carried with her. “I have food for you dear cousin”, she cooed in such a gentle voice. “It’s cream sweeter than honey made with fire – Come taste a little of it.”

“Hellfire” cautiously drew near to her cousin and all of a sudden she felt a great hunger so strong it surprised her because for a long time, she had had no appetite. One taste of the delicious cream almost made her swoon for powerful, overwhelming love always comes with angel’s food. When she took that bite, angels themselves wrapped their wings around her, comforting her like her mother “Blessed” did when “Hellfire” was a little girl named “Joy”. It was after marrying “Antagonist Accuser” that her name “Joy” was changed to “Hellfire.”

In the moment she tasted the heaven sent food, her conscience came alive. “Oh, oh, oh!” she cried. “What am I to do?” With the return of her conscience, she could no longer keep going in the same direction, but alas, she was not yet able to face the truth.

“Bright Star” realized this and gently told her: “I am no longer going to call you “Hellfire”. Instead, the next time we are together, I’m going to call you “Joy to Come”. I will bring more food with me then, which will be the key to opening up your heart. Only a receptive heart can contain joy.”

“Bright Star” put her hand on “Hellfire’s” shoulder which brought a jolt of electricity that shocked the demon “Irreconcilable”. He still had a place in “Hellfire”, but could not do the damage he once could do. His power became severely limited in that moment.

When “Bright Star” left, she quickly got the help of “Daystar”, the one ordained to rescue “Hellfire.” “Daystar” was not only to come alongside “Hellfire” to shine light on her path, she was ordained to become fused inside her making the two but one as a resurrected being who would be “Joy Fulfilled”- even “Glory!”

When destiny waved her hand, white horses called “The Prayer Team” arrived at “Daystar’s” beckoning. After three hours of intercessory prayer, the team full of grace and great power ascended with wings into the holy chamber of the bridegroom in Heaven. There the holy oil was prepared- the oil that the beard of “Aaron” awaited which was and is where power could find a resting place.

Only harmony and love could bring peace to every man, and long ago it was decreed that harmony and love would have their permanent abiding place in men after “Hatred” and “Unforgiveness” would be seen for what they were- … agents of hell to destroy mankind. In the day of harmony and love’s rule, the dew of “Hermon” would descend and all the world would be changed. This day was fast approaching because “Hellfire” was the last one in the family of man to have a name change.

Can you hear it?: The hour is coming… and is now! Can you sense the “Daystar” rising in you and in others like you?

Truly, God’s kingdom is coming!

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