The Meeting Place

The Meeting Place

“Chance” never understood why others gained happiness and he didn’t. “Poor Little Darlin’” as he was known, complained all the time about his lack of joy. He didn’t realize that he was complaining because his complaint wasn’t in words: It was his body that was continually expressing his sadness by its pain .

“Poor Little Darlin’” did a lot of studying in his library full of books that certainly confirmed that he was a seeker. Yes, he had much truth but since his name was “Chance”, he didn’t know how to apply the truth he knew. There were a few occasions in which he exercised wisdom, but “Chance” almost always remained in an unknowing state.

“Chance” had a secret name that was beautiful and his destiny was to discover it and then he’d be beautiful. He was to learn that to be beautiful in heart was to be happy, but until then, happiness would elude him.

One day a young man came into his life who “Chance” immediately considered to be an opponent. This young man’s name was “BeDevil” and it was this name that kept “Chance” away from him. “Chance” didn’t know “BeDevil’s” name was not his given one, just as “Chance” was not his given name.

“BeDevil” did not like “Chance” and vice versa so both tried to keep out of each other’s way, but that was not the master plan from above. It was only through “BeDevil” and “Chance”’s facing each other and fully accepting each other that their true names could be discovered.

“BeDevil” had many goals and was proud that he was goal oriented and had lots of accomplishments credited to his name. “Chance” on the other hand, had no goals and was ashamed in the deep recesses of his being that he had achieved nothing of renown. What he did have though, was treasure in his heart that could be drawn out by love. Many people in his life had tapped into that treasure and were blessed, but not “Bedevil”. The master plan was for there to be a great exchange between them, but willingness was still lacking on both parts. The feeling of “I’m right and he’s wrong” would have to be removed before the great exchange could take place.

How could two who were at opposite ends of the pole meet? I shall tell you a secret: They can not do it in “self”. They must soar to a place beyond the pole for if they remained where they each were and tried to meet in the center, at best, they would only have compromise. No, compromise was not the answer… Only by listening to the still voice within could understanding and union come and so it came to pass that the voice of truth spoke to each of them:

“Think“BeDevil”, you must realize your name is “Love” and become ”Life”. “Chance”, you must realize your name is “Purpose” and become “Happy”.

Can you hear the voice asking them: “Will you come to the meeting place of prayer and take up your cross?” Ah, it is the question being asked of every man.

“Will you do it?”

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