The Gold Band Company

All the babies were born blind into the world with grabby hands. Being legally blind, they had just enough sight to function in a limited way and since everyone who had ever been born was in the same condition, no one was alarmed.

The town in which they were born was called “No Way” because it functioned by the dictates of the senses, not by the Spirit. In honor of the way of life established in the city of “No Way”, a shrine of the moon was set up at the city’s gates. Everyone was required to bow down to it upon entering and leaving the city.

“No Way” was cursed with demon spirits who would come at night to vex the people. These spirits had big mouths that could devour people at will, but their desire was to devour them only they were fully grown. Until then, they would just talk to the children and tell them that whatever they had was not enough. They would also point out what others had saying that what the others possessed was so much better. Consequently “No Way” was a city of great dissatisfaction.

Once in a while, a baby would be born with a gold band around its wrist. This was a great sign to the people, but no one understood what it meant. Everyone born with this band never grew old with wrinkles and sagging skin or any other signs of aging. When these children reached the age of sixteen, the age that was called “Love”, the demon spirits could no longer speak to them for their mouths clamped shut at every attempt.

Also, at the age of sixteen a strange phenomonum took place in each of these children: Their hands that had been just like the other children’s hands which had been continually grasping for more, were changed. They became giving hands and no one in “No Way” could understand it. These were indeed strange children for they considered nothing they had as their own.

Now it came to pass that an emissary was sent from the neighboring kingdom of “Secret Dreams” saying to each of the odd born: “You must wait until you are thirty years old for your dreams to come true, for at the time that this number is reached, you will be called upon to seal your destiny. The city’s name of “No Way” must be changed to “The New Way”, and you must all give your lives to accomplish this. Seeds were placed in your gold bands for you to plant in the hearts of every citizen of “No Way”. You will open the bands through the secret word that will be revealed to you, and in unison, all of you will speak it, and not only will your bands be broken and the golden seeds appear, but you, also, will have a change of heart. You will no longer allow what others think and say to penetrate into your heart to wound you, for you will be covered by a mighty invisible armor. It will ward off every hurting word and thought. You will consider it a privilege and honor to be considered “odd” because your work is the work of Heaven- the only work that can bring lasting change.

The most difficult time of all for you will be the time of waiting. I’ve been sent to tell you that you must be in peace, for the fruit of patience will come forth at this time. This fruit is considered to be the most precious of all, for all good things come from it. Do not be discouraged, for surely, there is a wonderful end to all those who wait. Be still now within and wait!”

The emissary departed in a silver cloud after his message was delivered, and each of the “Gold Band”, as they were now called, pondered his words: Yes, soon they would appear in their high calling fulfilled.

Can you picture yourself coming with them?

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