Come and See

Anytime we believe biblical scripture to mean something that it doesn’t, our perception of God gets skewed, division in the body of Christ can result as well as imbalance in our lives. It is imperative that we seek to know the truth, especially the truth found in the Book of Revelation for there is a blessing that comes from reading this book and having the light from it open our eyes.

The Book of Revelation is NOT a book that reveals the unfolding of natural events as many of us have been taught…. I attribute much of my understanding to J. Preston Eby’s writings “From the Candlestick to the Throne” which I will be sharing with you now…

Written in symbolic language, the Book of Revelation is about the coming forth of Christ in us and each seal is connected to the removal of some aspect of our outer life of the soul. It is true that our old man is dead, but we still have the physical members of our body which has the law of sin in it. It is through the ordained breaking of the seals that disposal of the flesh of the old Adamic nature takes place.

“Come and see”… Come and understand that the horses connected with the seals symbolize the bringing of God’s presence and power in WARFARE against our flesh. Each horse represents different aspects of the Lord’s dealings.

The first rider is not the anti-Christ, but is Christ triumphantly coming forth to conquer every enemy in us. The white horse represents Illumination and quickening power which bring the light of understanding to our hearts.

Next comes the red horse: Our carnal life is at peace within itself until the red horse rides in and takes peace from our earth. The Lord said: “I am come not to send peace on earth, but a sword.” Our flesh nature is our greatest enemy, is it not? “The Lord is a man of war” ( Ex. 15:3) and He wars against our flesh with a sword (His word) That “they should kill one another” means that we should slay the beast within each other through the Word.

With the breaking of the third seal comes the black horse which reveals to us the darkness and carnality of the flesh man within us. Barley, wheat and wine are code words and have nothing whatsoever to do with a natural famine coming on the earth. They refer to the produce of the land of Canaan and are representative of the three feasts of Israel. Barley symbolizes resurrection life and three is the number of RESURRECTION! In order to spiritually experience all three feasts and to have the full resurrected life of glory and power, there is a cost- A denarius (penny) was the ordinary wages for a full day’s labor. We are to buy the truth and to partake of the DAY with resurrected life which will COST us EVERYTHING!

And now for the fourth seal and the “pale” horse: The translators had a difficult time with this word “pale” (kloros) because its simple meaning is “green”. They couldn’t understand green in relation to death and hell, so they used the word “pale. Note this word “kloros” in Rev. 8:7. “all green grass was burnt up” was correctly translated as “green”, NOT “pale.” The rider on this green horse is DEATH and the purpose of the green horse’s Rider is to kill. Green is the color that represents life, and DEATH IS OVERCOME BY LIFE… It’s the law of the spirit of LIFE that makes us free from the law of sin and DEATH! Our old man is already dead and now we are to die to sin… The fourth horse is coming to kill the evil desire lurking in our bodily members. That desire is killed by HUNGER, one of the four instruments ordained to kill the man of sin in our temple… It is a hunger and PASSION for our new heavenly life which is a greater desire than the one for sin.

To kill death with death means a death by death which has many applications but for brevity’s purpose, I point to the work of the cross in our lives.

The fifth seal brings the revelation of our being slain- the carnal mind is beheaded as a result of the word of God…. The soul which is the seat of the emotions, the intellect (rational mind) of the overcomers has been overcome- Now there is a waiting until the rest of brethren should likewise be killed and a crying out for validation/vindication by those under the alter. The word Greek word “ekdikeo” has been mistranslated to mean “avenge”(retaliate with vengeance), but the first and primary meaning of the word, however, is “validate.” Our Lord prayed “Father: forgive them for they know not what they do.” The very thought that He is now threatening vicious retaliation against those who oppose and persecute us is not true. “Validate our blood (life) on them” means “let there be a transforming manifestation and ministry of life from us by which all men will see and know that we have paid the price to truly be sons of our Father in order to be the salvation of God to the world.” White robes speak of His nature being expressed and revealed outwardly. It signifies the manifestation of the sons of God with actual righteousness, not just imputed righteousness. He will not validate any of us until we come into perfection.

The sixth seal is a symbolic revealing of the old spiritual order passing away and the establishing of the new: The sun of the outward reason of man is changed into blackness, the moon of the senses turned into blood, all the starry imaginations drop like untimely fruit and every island and mountain of strength melt away. The spiritual heavens of former realms and orders have been rolled together as a scroll, and the sun (revelation) that lightens the outer court has been draped in darkness, giving way to the greater glory of the most holy place- the Shekinah glory of the presence of Yahweh Himself.

The great earthquake denotes a sudden, violent disruption of the normal state of things. Christ ALONE must remain. THIS must come to pass: “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth WERE PASSED AWAY.”

And then we come to the wrath of the LAMB… not LION. Who has ever seen a wrathful lamb?! The biblical meaning of the Greek word “orge” is “passion“- “to reach out with passionate desire and take hold of.” If anyone doubts that passion is the meaning and not wrath, let us look at another Bible verse with “orge” mistranslated as wrath: Revelation 14:8“….she (Babylon) made all nations drink of the wrath of her fornication.” Fornication is NOT done in wrath. It’s the passion of her fornication that made them drunk, not wrath. Likewise it’s the passion, not wrath, of God to bring forth His judgments and for only one intent- to RIGHT WHAT IS WRONG! “When thy judgments (yes, there is severity as well as mercy) are in the earth, THE INHABITANTS IN THE EARTH WILL LEARN RIGHTEOUSNESS!”

May those who have eyes to see, see and may those who have ears to hear, hear!

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