At Ease

A lone soldier stood at attention with his arm raised and his hand in the position of a salute. The four star general was staring at him face to face with searching eyes that seemed to penetrate into the deepest parts of him. This soldier felt the intensity of the moment and squirmed inside. Because he could not see the invisible army surrounding him, he felt very much alone, unprotected and intimidated by the general. “What is he looking for?” he cried out to himself.

The general who was the captain of the hosts of heaven in flesh form could read thoughts and with a stern, yet compassionate voice he declared: “I am looking for the faith of Abraham in you,” to the astonishment of the soldier. “Do you have it?” he demanded.
In that moment the soldier whose name was “Coming Along” realized that his mind had grasped the faith of Abraham, but that it was not in his heart yet.

Again, the general read his thought and replied to it: “When your heart fully embraces the faith of Abraham… when your faith is no longer mixed with other erroneous teachings that you’ve believed, you won’t be just “Coming Along”…. You will have a new name and a new way of life. In the meantime, you must stand at attention… Your old arm of the flesh will grow weary during the period it takes for faith to come from the mind into the heart. It will cause you to cry out for the gem… even the key of knowledge that you need. Stay!… I tell you to “Be still” and remain in the salute to the highest authority of all…. When you have come into the “real i zation”, the words “At ease” will bring forth a new arm and hand of power… You will be a RIGHT-hand son of God, part of the Benjamite company reserved for the end-time battle. Can you hear it?? Can you hear the shofar blowing in the distance? Truly, the call to arise and shine has come.”

How many will have the faith of Abraham? When He comes, will he find faith? Will you who read and hear these words, will you have a new face and a right hand of power?

Author’s thoughts: I want to share some of what has been revealed to me about the faith of Abraham as well as some understanding about disease. Most of us, if not all of us called to fulfill the high calling of God are fighting a battle against disease… a very fierce one. A lack of ease is at its root and it is faith that works by love that will bring forth ease (perfect peace). We, in the body of Christ, have believed false teachings that have robbed us of our faith and brought us into unbelief.

Galatians 3: 8 states that “the gospel was preached ahead of time to Abraham”…. Now exactly WHAT gospel was that? Search as you may, you will find nothing spoken to Abraham about heaven or hell, yet we all have heard the false gospel preached that if we ask Jesus into our hearts, we will escape hell and go to heaven. The gospel preached to Abraham was about THE SEED and THE LAND, …NOT about Heaven and Hell. Abraham did NOT ask God into his heart. God chose him-…. He did not choose God. In John 15: 16 it is written that Jesus
told His disciples: “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you…” The same is true for ALL believers.

Jesus is the light that lights every man… He’s already in us… There is no mention at all in the Bible that says anything about asking Him into our HEARTS… We have been listening to and believing the Harlot Church’s teaching instead of the Bible’s which declares that it is by preaching the word and by receiving it that we are saved… It is God who opens our ears, eyes and hearts to believe and He gets all the glory.

“The true gospel is a promise… a report concerning a future glory and an inheritance” (Elaine Cook) which does not come AFTER WE DIE!! For a deeper understanding of this, I highly recommend Elaine Cook’s writing “The Gospel Delivered Unto Abraham”

As for me personally, I am seeking more revelation concerning the gospel given prior to the law… It is one thing to know with the mind that we are not under the law, and quite another thing to be dead to it. I am praying that faith becomes firmly established in my heart and in my walk and also in yours.

Yes, I say: “Let true faith arise in the fullness of power and of love this very day… May each of us who are just “Coming Along” have a name change to “Bold Faith Fulfilled”! So be it!!

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