Not Guilty

“Strongman” held the arm of “Guiltless” behind her back… He twisted it and joyfully proclaimed: “I’ve got you! You can’t tear loose now! I’ve got ya’, I’ve got ya’, you! I’ve got ya’!!” Poor “Guiltless”! She didn’t know her name.

Then “Strongman” called for the dark angels of torment from the underworld to bring forth the scroll. Taking out the black yardstick that was a retractable part of his being and pointing with it to every sin written on the black scroll that “Guiltless” had ever committed, he articulated them in a loud voice… especially her present ones in an even higher, booming voice. “Hear ye, hear ye, inhabitants of “Guiltless”’s world: This one is not guiltless as you suppose!” He spoke with great condemnation and laughed gleefully for his favorite pastime was to expose the sins of others. All of hell’s domain clapped as he did this.

Poor “Guiltless”… It was true that she had committed every sin that “Strongman” pointed out and now, the whole world knew all of them. Hanging her head in remorse and shame, all hope was gone from her.

Out of nowhere came a little butterfly buzzing and humming the song of the “Daystars” and landed squarely on “Guiltless”’s nose. She was startled and looking cross-eyed at this creature who had her full attention, “Guiltless” questioned her realizing she was no ordinary butterfly: “What are you doing on my nose?… Who are you?”

The butterfly whose name was “Secret” didn’t answer, but instead began flapping her wings causing a warm breeze to come on “Guiltless’”s face… The breeze was a refreshing one called “Second Look”…. No one was able to take another look at themselves until the wind of the Spirit came and “Secret’s” prime mission was to bring that wind to all who were wretched without hope seeing themselves as guilty… It was after that that her secret could be told.

“Oh my!” Guiltless exclaimed when the breeze encompassed her. “I feel so heavenly!” “Strongman tightened his grip and twisted “Guiltless”’s arm almost to the point of breaking it, but “Guiltless” didn’t feel a thing as she was almost in a swoon state of ecstasy. Within the breeze were helium atoms that had entered “Guiltless’” spirit and although her body was on the earth, her spirit was indeed in heaven. The helium atoms in the breeze of “Second Look” had been reserved for the last day when all who were like “Guiltless” would rise and take their place in the heavenlies.

“Secret” began humming the song that only “Daystars” could sing which had the power to break “Strongman”’s hold over “Guiltless”… Not only the song, but even it’s hum had great, great power.

Although Strongman couldn’t hear the hum of the butterfly, he could feel that power and the ground under his feet started to shake violently. He wasn’t going to be able to hold on much longer with “Guiltless”’s spirit firmly fixed in the heavens. It would only be a matter of a short time before the secret would be revealed and “Guiltless”’s soul and body would be free.

A multitude of angels descended to the spot where “Guiltless” was bound by “Strongman” singing: “Mystery, mystery, mystery UNFOLD!” As they sang this command, a crown was placed on “Guiltless”’s head with the words “Redeemed” on it written in red, even in the blood of the Lamb. The life and light radiating from the blood struck “Strongman” dead, instantly turning him into dust blown away by the wind.

It was an amazing moment,… the “twinkling of an eye moment” in which “Guiltless” realized she had been guiltless all along, even when she had committed all her many sins.

The butterfly flapped her wings in great, ecstatic delight and her breeze had such power that it filled the land of “The Guilty Who Are Not Guilty” without saying a word… The secret, even the mystery from the beginning of time was made known!!!

Can you hear it ??- YOU who see yourselves as sooooo guilty…..You are NOT GUILTY!!!

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