Bereaved No More

“Bereaved” could not stand up. His world had caved in and his losses were so great that he couldn’t see anything but emptiness. Hopelessness and hatred for himself and life consumed him. He was unaware of the bright light that was within him because darkness encased him like a cave with no opening.

As he was drowning in his sorrows, one named “Simplicity” was sent to him from the Most High God. He could barely look up, but her radiance put out a heat that brought such warmth and comfort, it compelled him to rise when she approached him.

“Simplicity” was a star with retractable legs- a peculiar looking sight when she walked on her little legs, but those legs were given to her temporarily for “Bereaved” sake as well as for others when they needed her. She enjoyed walking on them for they were legs of understanding that empowered her to reach others on their level.
“I’ve come to help you”, she spoke tenderly. “Come: My light will penetrate you so that you can stand and walk with me for I have something to show you. Your name shall soon be changed to “Stunning” and beauty, truth, wisdom, humility and great love shall shine forth from you. You don’t know yet who you are- Truly, your identity has been stolen from you, but I, “Simplicity”, bring recovery wherever I go.”

They walked onward on the road of “Welcomed Discipline” and when they arrived at the Father’s destination “Glory Revealed”, “Simplicity” commanded “Bereaved” to look up: There stood a giant tree whose branches reached into the heavens.
“Take note”, “Simplicity” instructed “that this tree is planted by the rivers of water and this tree is YOU revealed!”

“How can that be?” Bereaved wondered out loud.

“Have you considered that the word “tree” and a manifested tree in the material world are the same? ….Just as in the beginning “the Word was with God, the Word was God,” [John 1:1] so the tree that you are is first the word, then the manifestation of it.

Simplicity sighed. She did not know how God Almighty accomplished His acts, but she observed them with wonder and knew that “Bereaved” would become “Stunning”- a tree of Glory.
She danced a little dance around “Bereaved” and sprinkled gold dust on his head as she did. The gold dust covered and replaced the earth’s dust which had made “Bereaved” the serpent’s meat. Gold shined from his head with so much glory that it repelled the devil. “Simplicity’s” light could now penetrate through his reasoning mind and find place in his heart.

“Oh my God! You’re here!” Bereaved cried. “I can really feel you!” he sobbed with joy. “Never have I felt this loved!” Bereaved, no longer Bereaved, began to dance, and his feet were so light that he felt like he was leaping into the heavens without leaving the earth.

“Now”, “Simplicity” plainly stated, ” the work you’re called to do can begin. “Self” shall be dethroned from sitting on the throne of your heart and God shall sit there instead as you daily draw water from the river of life- God’s word. By beholding Him, you shall be changed- By focusing on Him, you shall have the desire and the power to deny “self”.

Indeed, you shall be “Stunning”- God’s glory for all the world to see!”

Categories: Allegories

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