The Present

Angels, dancing with glee, asked:___??????___ There was no answer to their request, but as though there was no longer a question, each went to his appointed place waiting for the command. “SORROW NO MORE,” the voice thundered. “Take the red ribbon and tie it around the star. It’s to be given today!”

A lone child on earth was heard sobbing in the wilderness. Dressed with SHAME too long, she threw off the hated garment and cried more profusely for there was nothing in the desert to cover her. The cactus beside her cried too, and with heartfelt compassion expressed: “My coat is one of pricks. Even though I have much water to give, I can’t give it unless I die. But I know my life was meant for you!”

HIDDEN NAME was so touched by cactus. She looked at his full-bloom flower and thought to herself: “How can I kill something so beautiful? Yet if I don‘t, I shall die of thirst”. She waited for a very long while before she pledged: “Oh Cactus, when I come into my time, you too, shall live again.” She thanked him and took his gift.

She fell into a deep sleep and beheld a vision: The stars of heaven were falling and one likened to the son of man ordered: “Cease!” Midway between heaven and earth, they stopped. “What will you do?” the voice asked. “It’s up to you!”

STARLIGHT [her hidden name now revealed] replied: “Do I have the power to do something? I know it not!” She reached into her bosom and pulled out her heart to see. “Oh,” she exclaimed,” cactus’s thorns are around my heart. I can not do anything until they’re removed. Oh please, ANGEL OF LIGHT, please help me!”

STARLIGHT did not know she had asked the wrong angel for help. ANGEL OF LIGHT indeed came at her call, but he had prepared a poison for her to take. It was called “Self-accusation.” Anyone who took his remedy died.

Fortunately, STARLIGHT detected the evil gleam in his eyes and refused his potion. “I will no longer call on angels,” she vowed. “I will call on the KING OF KINGS.”

The heavens flashed with the power from on high. The earth moved as though an earthquake split her in two. Truly an earthquake did take place but it was in the realm of the unseen. “I have come to do BATTLE” declared the king. “I have come to remove the mask.”

STARLIGHT was so startled. She did not realize she was wearing a mask, but KING revealed its name. “FALSE IDENTITY,” he roared, “You shall no longer BE!”

“Why,” STARLIGHT cried, “It’s gone, it’s gone, It’s Gone!” The Black Face that she had worn so many years was somehow lifted away.

The King decreed: “STARLIGHT, you will no longer look in a mirror to see your face, you will see your face only as you look at me.” STARLIGHT was momentarily afraid for she had heard that no one could look at the King’s face, for if they did, they died. “Come look STARLIGHT,” the King beckoned. With trembling feet and heart, she thought “How can I not obey?” “Oh help me, LORD KING,” she pleaded, “For I’ve been told it’s a fearsome thing to behold your face.”

KING removed STARLIGHT’s heart from her breast. It was oh so tiny! He then took her head that was very, very big and said “Look and see.” With one breath of His, they were both changed. Now the heart was oh so BIG and the head was NO MORE!

“How can I live without a head?” STARLIGHT questioned in her heart.

“It is a secret,” KING replied to her thought.

“Oh” STARLIGHT exclaimed, “I didn’t even ask and you answered.

“It shall be so forever,” KING informed her, “for I shall be your head. I am in you and although this is where I’ve always been, you have approached me as someone outside yourself. And although your hidden name was STARLIGHT, I now give you a new one: “DAY STAR.”

With that, heaven began to clap its hands, the angels whirled in dance, and all the stars shouted for joy. “Now bring forth the star with the red ribbon!” KING ordered. Immediately, twelve of the angels appeared carrying the treasured present. KING removed it from their hands and brought the gift forth. “May I introduce you to yourself DAYSTAR……… YOU are the present!”

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