The Knowing One

“A Knowing One” sat at the city’s gate, majestic and recognized as a prominent judge in the land. Her eyes were like diamonds sparkling with the many facets of knowledge and revelations she had received over the years. Her righteous judgment was known throughout the city and even other cities, yet for all her wisdom, there was one thing she did not know… something hidden yet to be revealed. The key to her deliverance depended upon her acquiring this knowledge.

And so it came to pass that as she sat at the city gate, a lowly one came… one who stumbled as she walked…. one whose appearance was repulsive to this “Knowing One” because she was the very thing Sophia was within herself… Crippled and twisted, the deformed one in her body was an outer expression, even a mirror of Sophia’s own twisted thinking in one area of her perception of herself. Alas, that lowly one did not draw compassion and understanding from the judge… Instead, a great desire to get her out of her sight rose up.

But since Sophia was the appointed watchman at the gate having the responsibility of evaluating each person who would be allowed into the city, she could not turn this crippled one away without a valid reason.

An unseen angel… a very tiny, pesky one sat on her shoulder who was called “Remember”. Shouting an “Aha!-prophecy”, she waved her anointed light-wand on Sophia’s mind to bring back the memory of the occasion that precipitated Sophia’s twisted thinking.

There had been a dance that Sophia learned many years ago called “The Twist” and she did not know at the time that as she did the dance and sang the words of the dance’ s song, she was inviting demons inside her. Every word spoken has an affect… Yes, even the words of the songs we sing as children and so it happened that the seed of crippling found ground inside her as she did the popular dance of her day, “The Twist”. The entire generation that did this dance was affected by it, as well.

Sophia’s destiny was to deliver them, but first she had to deliver herself. So how could a song’s lyrics and a dance have such power?

Double power comes when the word spoken or sung is accompanied by action… Not only did the song and this dance have a negative influence, it had an invitation to invite demons in through the speaking of the words: “Let’s DO the twist”. Because Sophia’s assignment was to sit at the gate of the city of “Regaining Power”, her duty as a watchman was of key importance in the bringing about of reconciliation in the country of “United in Peace.” The arrival of “the lowly one”… the embracing of her… and Sophia’s becoming a “lowly one” through her doing so, was God’s plan to initiate redemption into being for the people of the country.

Sophia was to quickly realize that twisted thinking is what had hindered her and what had been the robber of all the people’s destinies and joy…. that redemption of the body could only come through the removal of all erroneous thinking.

The banner over the city of “Regaining Power” had the words “Not by might, not by power, but by My spirit” written on it. Before this city could fulfill its calling, the city’s people would have to learn that power could only be regained by the Spirit of God working in them.

As “The Knowing One” looked closer at the deformed body of the outward witness of herself, a glimmer of light began to beam in her innermost part as the still small voice whispered: “Love this one Sophia… Don’t push her away. Hold her close, for without embracing her, you can not come into wholeness.”

“How can this be??” Sophia screamed so loudly that everyone around her stopped to see what was the matter. Sophia wrestled with the many thoughts whirling in her head like tornados ready to bring destruction.

“God!: YOU are the One Who bore all our sicknesses… all our pains!” she screamed. “You do not want us to embrace them because you paid the price for our deliverance… How is it you are asking me to accept crippling now?”

The still small voice gave an immediate answer and the “Knowing One” knew:…. She and the little crippled one called “See Yourself” were what all men face in becoming whole… in regaining the power lost because of unbelief and skewed thinking. God brings before man a brother… one who is a portrayal of the very things (sins, weaknesses or judgments) that need to be seen, accepted for what they are, and then forgiven. This lowly one in front of Sophia presented to her the very seeing she needed in order to bring her into wholeness.

Immediately neon lights flashed in the sky with the words: “Love yourself!! Love your brother” written in iridescent colors in them…. And out of the light came empowerment!

Don’t you know?- This is the answer to regaining power! This is the answer to YOUR problems!

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