Stumbling Block No More

“Stumbling Block” had no idea of the havoc she brought into peoples lives. She was certain that the knowledge she had received from above could help people and she gave it to everyone she knew and met… She purposed to tell it all and knew no restraints.

“Stumbling Block” was ardent, strong and industrious with many other good qualities that attracted people to her- qualities that came from her given name “Enlightenment”. Many revelations were opened up to her through the loving grace of the Father in Heaven and were indeed hers to give to others.

The only problem was that while she had knowledge and understanding, she did not have the wisdom to go with them; she had not learned the time to speak and the time not to; she had not learned to respect the will of others and would try to force the truth she had been given upon them as well as all her other beliefs and opinions. Silence was like a distant relative who rarely visited her.

But “Stumbling Block” would have her day of reckoning like all others who caused problems would have theirs. “Belligerence”, “Stubbornness”, “Self-Will”, “Pride”, “Selfishness”, “Variance”, and many arrogant spirits would soon be no more for “The Master, Lord and King of the Universe” had appointed a day in which all that was not like His nature would be dealt with and removed.

Most humans don’t recognize that the sufferings that they experience are lovingly appointed to them in order for their ways be changed. And equally as important, that by going through them, they could experience being given Job’s revelation: They, too, could come to know God and like him proclaim; “Before I just knew ABOUT you, but now I KNOW you! Wherefore I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes.” Job 42: 5,6

“Stumbling Block” indeed, would have her change as she learned to be meek and lowly,… as she put on the mantle of humility to walk softly. On the day pride was conquered, “Stumbling block took the hand of “Repentance”, her best friend who had been waiting for her all along, and became as a little child. She shined like the sun… even the Son the whole world was waiting for.

Walking hand and hand with “Repentance”, “Enlightenment” who was no longer “Stumbling Block”, strolled the path of glory singing: “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine”. As she did, the angelic choir of heaven sang along with her sprinkling gold dust on the path of glory.

“Everyone who walks on God’s high way of repentance with enlightenment shall no longer be food for the serpent”, they decreed. “Mortal bodies made of dust shall take on new properties, even golden properties and that which is written in the Book of Life shall be fulfilled.”

“The righteous shall shine forth as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father. Matthew 13:43

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