The Veil

The veil covered her from head to toe… It was not a white veil like the one her daughter was wearing. It was entirely gold with a design in it like no other imprinted by the finger of God. Oh yes, this one had known much deliverance from the sins of her flesh. She had been a marked woman from the beginning of time prior to her physical existence when she had been molested by primordial demons. Her sins were inevitable because of it with her having much to overcome. Her veil was a sign of virtue attained by the cross.

Now on this very day it was to be lifted off her by the angels at the same time her daughter’s veil was to be lifted- The moment was at hand…. even, the day of the “Great Dawning”.

What was going on in this mother’s mind as she watched the steady footsteps of her daughter reach her groom… Was she remembering her newborn’s first cry when all the little one needed was her nurture? Did she recall all the tender moments she experienced in seeing this destined child become the most glorious woman on earth?

This mother, Mother Earth, smiled with the beam of fortitude as she realized that this beautiful one came not only from her, but from THE Father…. The bride of Christ was both heaven and earth as one and here she was finally being revealed.

Slowly the veil was being lifted off the bride, but in a flash off the mother… All eyes could behold the reality… the real “I” of both mother and daughter for finally the flesh was removed!!

Thoughts To Consider

Categories: Allegories, Writings

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